Xtreme Champion Tournament Launches Another Kickstarter Campaign to Give Back to Fans

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Xtreme Champion Tournament Launches Another Kickstarter Campaign to Give Back to Fans

UPDATED: 11/19/15

November 4, 2015— Badass, Brutal, and Bloody. This is what best describes Xtreme Champion Tournament, which debuted its third issue titled Traitor on Kickstarter last October 30.

Xtreme Champion Tournament is a standard, full-color, 24-page comic and its third issue is unveiled on Kickstarter to raise $1 until November 27. After the success of the last three Kickstarters in support of the comic series, the current Kickstarter campaign was launched as a way for XCT creator Shaun Paulet to give back to his Kickstarter fan base.

Paulet shares, “…we really want to give Kickstarters the cheapest, quickest and best prices for our first story arc of the series. That’s why we created such a small target with the aim to broaden our fan-base and reward all our previous backers.”

“With Issue #0, #1 and #2 being super successful in Australia we hope to expand on our fan base into other countries. We will be attending conventions in both America, Paris and New Zealand next year on top of our massive Australian schedule. With your help this series can become self sufficient, producing issues quarterly,” he furthers.

According to Paulet, all the money raised from the campaign will go towards the production and promotion costs, as well as to fulfill the backer rewards. Production and promotion costs would include printing and shipping of posters, prints, and comics, as well as additional promotional expenses.

XCT revolves around the heroes, villains, monsters, and creatures that have been unearthed after 50 years, in the year 2069. They were long believed to be mere myths and legends, and now these remains are used to create clones. These clones were caged, retrained, and forced to fight in the most brutal sport in the world, the Xtreme Champion Tournament. XCT has become the most watched sport in history, as cloned fighters from heroes to mythical creatures fight each other for entertainment.

In Issue #3, Baykok, the protagonist, is introduced to fellow fighters in the maximum security prison, while Spartacus and Ragnar continue to build on their mutual respect for one another as fighters. This issue also uncovers a traitor within the XCT, which may cause the downfall of the whole organization.

Through the Kickstarter campaign, XCT fans will be able to get copies of issues 1, 2, and/or 3, as well as various perks such as website credits, sketch covers, printed comic book copies, digital copies of the comic books, advertisement placements on the comic books, and many more.

To find out more, visit xct.com.au.

About Shaun Paulet
Shaun is a movie and comic book buff who, over the last five years, has taken his love of comic books and movies to create his own business COMICS2MOVIES. With extensive knowledge and experience in retail, sales and management he looks to make COMICS2MOVIES a great collectible brand like Gentle Giant or ACME.

Their first venture into the world of comic books is the Xtreme Champion Tournament, a action comic based on some of histories/legends most famous heroes, villains and monsters. A Kickstarter is on right now to make this dream a reality!

About XCT
The Xtreme Champion Tournament is a fast paced and action filled story based on some of history’s most famous heroes and villains.

Xtreme Champion Tournment
12 Springleaf Road
Tarneit VIC 3029
Email: comics2movies@bigpond.com

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