Wildman – Kickstarter Trailer HD

Mike Gonzalez April 6, 2013 33

Into SUBSCRIBE: bit.ly FOLLOW U.S.: twitter.com www.facebook.com Official site: www.kickstarter.com Crush your enemies in this original action role-playing game by Gas Powered Games Launched: Jan 14, 2013 funding ends : February 15, 2013 Remind Me Wildman offers an exciting mix of action-role-playing and real-time strategy that only as a developer Gas Powered Games can provide. In short, this is what it’s all Wildman: go to war: Build your army and fight against enemy armies samples for the big prizes artisan War Zone. Exploring the world: Go Adventures RPG and stunning, epic, discover the secret secret; battles sparked the fight against hordes of monsters, find and equip new weapons and armor. Evolution or Dying: steal the technology to defeat your opponents and use it against them in future battles. Smashing and Destroy: advanced physics and destructible environments provide highly visceral (and bloody) combat.


Content Patch - February 13, 2013 -. Ep 045 [Wildman, Anodyne, GameStop]

00:34 Wildman Kickstarter Anodyne canceled bit.ly bit.ly 07:41 pirates give their blessings GameStop says 10:56 60% customer will not buy a console that blocks used games bit.ly

  • Harvey Birdman

    Every single game is pure torture for GPG giocare.Tutte works of art that fantasy GPG has done for this game does not change the fact that the gameplay of all your games suck cocks scimmia.Vattene GPG, please lock the doors, you make shit games.


    How do you know? look anything like DS2 and DS2 is nothing like Diablo3 or TL2 is a special game. i cant stand TL2 is so boring

  • alienemperor

    This is very close to Dungeon Siege.


    Chris I really wanted a new Dungeon Siege: (

  • ShamblerDK

    Chris Taylor has eyes like Xena – Warrior Princess …

  • Gunnanator

    That ‘s what I said. Been with it since TA.

  • Gamersroundtable

    I hope that met their goa

  • SyfferBidan

    Chris Taylor is back? Should I give this man my money. All of this!

  • ShepONeill

    It is not HD!

  • agentfire102

    Irony. That’s all.

  • nimrodery


  • nimrodery

    No need to tell me that you are ignorant, I know that you’re an American.

  • DzoGavert

    You would think that after so many years would already understand. The only game to my knowledge, who recently survived piracy is Diablo III. The fact is that it is more than a normal MMO game.

  • DeadMetalNA

    But we did not know if the game would be good or not. So, in my opinion, when Kickstarters fails, it is not something that we should go for “a normal” even if what you say is partially true.

  • TheNegronomicon

    Try telling that to every industry trying to fight it.

  • agentfire102

    I’m from the United States, where it is written realize it, Dumbass. 🙂

  • Cheesechunkz

    Well, ’cause you do not play that you have? I am not on the side of not used games, I’m just saying it might be the only thing we can do. This is why PC gaming is really going to be the only valid station, unless everything is exclusive to the Xbox. Then we’re all fucked.

  • berating

    thought good xD

  • DzoGavert

    The funny thing is that piracy does not have these things at all.


    @ Nimrodery

  • nimrodery

    E ‘from the U.K. where it is written not realize it. Dumbass.

  • ZetaWolf1

    You agree only on the game as a software product, it is a physical disk that console owners buy more software regularly a game due to storage. On the occasion is a concept that needs to be kept around until at least everything is completely digital, such as a console / PC gamer is easy to buy the software for a PC game, which are not so easy to find a new copy of a game ten years. A market neutral or at least fair is necessary for a good kind of digital gaming, games then used should disappear.

  • TheNegronomicon

    Ah, the good old floppy / hard disk era. Forgive me, I was a child then. Still, it was not so for a long time.

  • DeadCamper

    Obviously this is not what I mean. I am very confident that I thoroughly crushed that my opponents had sliver of credibility. And to further establish the defeat, but you need to browse the comments section to see the myriad of supporters and arguments brilliant in my favor. And, of course, the fact that TB was agreed, which I’m sure it bothers you a lot. I accept your surrender.

  • ZetaWolf1

    You mean tired of repeating a weak argument that is quite contradictory. Maybe you’re the one who needs to think about things as I have experienced in the world of marketing. Good morning.

  • Redweaver

    “This has never been the case with PC games.” Someone has never owned a C64 or ZX Spectrum, Amiga or Apple II or a … It was not always so in the PC world.

  • laim1499

    1. I have no idea what your talking about” accident”, I’m telling people that if people do not buy the console that will buy the PC if consoles are a disaster totale.2. Have you ever heard of relaxation? I go on my PC on my spare time when I’m not busy and tired. 3. You need to put the record straight,”” love, me 😉

  • TheReturnofOctobot

    Digital beats used for this purpose, hands-down. Although the game can not be obtained on a service like GoG or Steam, piracy remains an option. You may have more than one stigma than used, but has the same impact on the original creators.

  • MasterOfGTA

    Ur point is valid, but the current generation of console players do not have to worry about dds because u can buy ur games wherever used or not used in a physical store atm. But if u buy games for console digital ur ur forced to buy games console to the store and shop with just a u even have to pay every month to be able to buy the games at their store aka the broom business Microsoft. Basically, we first need a free market environment of digital games on consoles b4 we can have a lock on used games.

  • Keinichn

    Funny thing is that the behavior of this type is already against the TOS. It is never forced, but buying a game, a movie or music is a “license for private, personal use,” which means for you and only you. It seems that they are only now getting around to try to enforce this.

  • Keinichn

    I agree. However, pre-owned is a necessary evil. As if I want to buy a game obscure than 5 years ago, the chances of me finding a new copy are very low. Even if I find a new copy, I’d probably have to pay the ass to do it. Even in a world where every game is digital, they can easily remove the download. Used to keep alive the classics.

  • TheReturnofOctobot

    By entering this further, however, one must consider that the sales of used games have a much greater impact of piracy. There is a significant difference between the 10% / 20% discount that you get from a used game and a discount of 100% is obtained from piracy. In other words, if you are willing to buy used, it is likely that they are also willing to buy again. Developers end up on the losing side of this, which can not be said so clearly with the pirates.

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