Watch the chip breaks all records Kickstarter!

Mike Gonzalez April 11, 2013 14

SmartWatch Kickstarter breaks all records!

Get your posters SourceFed here: New Smart Watch is very beautiful, and part of a trend Kickstarter ie currently the Internet. Source: our 5 videos per day, or anything else that we have ever had to go. Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Philly D OFFICIAL APP instant updates: Do not forget to vote “in writing” for Lee Newton Maxim Hot 2012 100 List: host @ @ elliottcmorgan joebereta music: @ Hagemeister
Video Rating: 4/5

  • vasz123

    I want to creat the best porn ever …

  • j14mp

    Regardless of joe!

  • neutralzonedk

    Are these two on speed?

  • TheAbevalle

    Robot cock

  • Anthony Picard

    Watches disappeared from popular use, because they disposable devices in a multi-were. Now we expect our devices to more than a basic function. Modernized intelligent clock watch the old and brings the relevance of the 21 Century.

  • sniperfx20

    I know this is old, but damn funny! (The answer is yes)

  • sonichaven

    I would want a smart watch? Yes. I would buy if they are more than $ 30? nope.

  • MrRoobish

    I wear watches

  • SPaMOO8

    Yes, I want to wear a smart watch, because, half the time I do not feel like my phone, and it would be handy on the road and when I think travailJe, Apple needs to make an intelligent clock

  • firodragon1

    frankly, if my phone in my pocket I can not feel my phone vibrate when im wearing a clock, knows the user name, I have to buy a text / appelIdentifiant vibrates

  • kikyouwuv

    I woudn’t nothing screams “notice me!” more than one of these watches. Just keep using your smartphone.

  • r3poman671

    I wear smart clock!

  • CyberGuy2011

    Certainly uselessss full “SmartWatch”

  • meepmopp

    I want a SMART CLOCK! I wear my clock all the time, and I would if I could control my phone or transfer my songs on my clock, multi-elements, where it is, oh it must also express that tiny with a headset or speakers, buy Blind iphones only for their design for accessibility. Adding voice to a Smart Watch out they can buy expensive watches talk

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