Wasteland 2 Generates Over $3 Million in Funding on Kickstarter

Mike Gonzalez January 31, 2013 13

COMMENT and RATE the video please! • Follow me on my P90X Challenge here: www.YouTube.com • Link to Wasteland 2 Kickstarter project: www.kickstarter.com The Wasteland 2 Kickstarter project got more than triple what they were looking for. What will they do with all that excess cash? Sorry, when I said they may have raised another million via PayPal I think the figure was actually 0000. • FREE NetFlix Trial: www.netflix.com • Twitter: www.Twitter.com • Facebook: www.Facebook.com • G2PO: www.G2PO.com • NGTZombies: www.G2PO.com • NGTMinecraft: www.G2PO.com • WebofSpiderBite: www.YouTube.com • NGTGames: www.G2PO.com • NGTChallenges: www.YouTube.com

  • aceassasin106

    Make It F2P?

  • Unit645

    Fallout 4 and Wasteland 2. I am gonna have some hardcore wasteland experience by the time Im done.

  • bleachroxmysox22

    Acually Brian Fargo made “Fallout” because he didnt have to rights to make a wasteland 2. So technically Fallout was his Wasteland 2 in a way. Bethesda took Fallout and made it like all their Elder Scroll games. New Vegas was much closer to the originals considering people from black isle studios who worked on FO1 and FO2 work at obsidian entertainment.

  • bleachroxmysox22

    Support Brian Fargo and buy Wasteland 2. Dont give your money to Bethesda.

  • Jin Sin

    The first Fallout was a spinoff of Wasteland, a very successful spinoff which i might add.

  • TheElvemageFGamingCL

    they should give it to Police Warfare

  • TheNewport100box

    free dlc is what they should do

  • TheGodhand79

    For those that don’t know. Fallout was inspired by Wasteland. Its not really a direct sequel and one of the original developers(a few more too) of Wasteland and Fallout 1 & 2 , Brian Fargo, is apart of the Wasteland 2 development team.

    It won’t be like Fallout 3 but I expect it to be like Fallout 1 & 2, which IMHO are vastly superior to Fallout 3.

  • TheGodhand79

    Wasteland was made back in 1987. Its very very old. You could probably find it at an abandonware site, the game play would be considered “pre-historic” by today’s standards but for its time it was a very great game.

  • UberJadePrincess

    yea when i say “you people” i dont mean youtube commentators i mean people like you wanting to purposly ruin the game for other people like grabbing the bomb and camping in the spawn shooting the air or following you around shooting trapping you in corners and knifing your ballistic vests its fucking stupid. thanks for making more people aware of this idiotic behavior and now wanting to do it

  • Cartoonishly Inept

    Hold on, the first Fallout was clearly Wasteland 2… the story and gameplay was an blatant continuation of Wasteland. I like where Bethesda took the series and I’d think I’d rather play Fallout 4… 🙁

  • Steve Bufkin

    Omg wasteland is amazing

  • irisheddd

    Where is wasteland 1?

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