Vendetta Online: Kickstarter 2013!

Mike Gonzalez March 28, 2013 18

Into Video to support the crowdfunding for a version of iPad Online Revenge, as well as changes of game main VO 1.9! To participate in the Kickstarter, go here:


    sounds are weak to me, is like a game of star wars. I like all ELS and pc version hase higher shader / graphic then your Andriod or tablet. You guys shud compare the version PC to the phone / tablet versions. I really dislked sounds, and havent changed yet. It makes you wonder why there are allot of good electronic dance music producers of all that the mind wudent make new audio.

  • viperguild

    It heats up the graphics – the chance to play on a cell phone at work during lunch and then return to the same character on a laptop at home is much more convincing than the graphics.

  • Louis Lawyer

    Great concept and game play. The graphics are horrible. Before you dream of doing something mobile. FIX THE GRAPHICS fricking! 1998 are graphics and sound are killing the game.

  • wsatrfehy edgetht

    nooooooooooooooooooo! then I pay the monthly fee until March, tks for the quick response

  • Vendetta0nline

    We can not send the codes until the Kickstarter succeed in reality, that will be towards the end of February. We will not receive the money (yours or anyone elses) unless we have reached the target $ 100k before 24 February. Even if it succeeds, it will take several weeks for Amazon to send the funds to us, so sometimes in March is the first that could send the codes. (We specify “may”, as “estimated delivery”, but it will be before then).

  • wsatrfehy edgetht

    Hello guys, I’am new revenge, and how the monthly fee is $ 10, I contributed on Kickstarter for $ 15 …. when is my code with the award of four months is? sorry if I missed something, I’m using the Google translator

  • destructivecactus

    I love this game and always have. It ‘evolved great over the past 10 years, although I would not mind a bit’ of a graphical update (at least for ships, and maybe some 3d cockpit?), While maintaining a good framerate. Good luck with the kickstarter!

  • Tom McLeod

    Because graphics = good games, right

  • Vendetta0nline

    We have continually updated the graphics from the launch, including more advanced shader (reflective ice, etc.), ships more complex, detailed backgrounds, and so on. At the same time, our game will run on phones and tablets. Further improvements to the graphics engine and activities are part of this Kickstarter project, including a massive increase in density fields asteroidi.Client scalability and game framerate (since we fight “contraction”) are important features for us.

  • gosomer

    I hate to say it, but it seems that eve online game if you were to go back in time 10yrs or more, I wish you success in your efforts, because you have not updated the graphics since its inception? you’ve had years to do it, which is ultimately what will bring in the business. good luck.

  • 4tech69

    Wow, this is a good idea. this guy has allot of talent and passion. With a bit ‘of money bet you can really take places Vendetta.

  • goldboyjr

    When I bought my tablet last year in March, I downloaded this game for unknown reasons. I played pocket legends, then other MMO games … then came to this and could not leave. I would like to continue to play this … but they are too poor to afford :/ this in my opinion is the best game I’ve ever played. I wish I was older and already graduated Champlain College for bringing this out to my world. I look forward to Guild competition, I have two more years to go.

  • Reagusmage

    I only played for 7 hours so far, but I have to say I’m bloody loving it! : D Just pledged $ 50, aka the best I can right now – But even if you can not afford a subscription at this time, I will do my best to help!

  • Vendetta0nline

    We are talking with the team Ouya. I can not promise anything yet, depends on how long it takes to implement their API Payment. But the game itself should run on the device as they are.

  • Stig Bakken

    Count me in! 🙂

  • Neeboopsh

    Ouya support?

  • actionjawa

    ice yo!

  • draoi99

    This is a great game and a really friendly community.

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