Unique Emotional Journal, Vibe Memo, Launches on Kickstarter

Mike Gonzalez February 20, 2015 Comments Off on Unique Emotional Journal, Vibe Memo, Launches on Kickstarter
Unique Emotional Journal, Vibe Memo, Launches on Kickstarter

UPDATED 02/19/15

February 7, 2015— Dreams, desires, fears, and frustrations. These, according to Dateme Tubotamuno, are the four major drivers of human behavior. With this, Tubotamuno has created Vibe Memo, the world’s first notebook and journal focused on these four behavioral drivers.

Tubotamuno has created a Kickstarter campaign to bring this project to life and share the inspiration and encouragement of the Vibe Journal to everyone. “This is not a planner with dates and time schedule, there are so many awesome planners out there. This is like a plain mental canvass, with margins, prompts, activities, tips, quotes and tracker, to help you express, collate and deal with your emotions,” he states.

Through the Kickstarter campaign, Tubotamuno aims to raise £3,500 until March 6 in order to manufacture and ship Vibe Memo. The crowdfunding initiative serves as the platform for preordering Vibe Memo and determining his customer base.

“The design is complete and a very good printing company has been selected. We have picked the most suitable faux leather, paper quality and design specification. All that is left is with your kind heart and support, once the funds are raised, the Vibe memo would be printed and shipped to YOU, to enable a better way for YOU to collate, track and conquer your emotions,” says Tubotamuno.

The Vibe Memo comes in black and red high-quality faux-leather cover with an embossed logo. Inside the cover are bleed resistant and non-acidic white paper which contains various sections for note-taking, progress tracking, sketching, and conducting sticky notes exercises. All these are purposely designed to help users deal with their emotions and reach their individual goals. There is also over 35 grid and blank pages at the end to allow users to free-write and sketch their emotions, goals, inspirations, and ideas.

Vibe Memo will benefit all types of people, from those in creative, students, entrepreneurs, psychologists, life coaches, even fitness enthusiasts—basically anyone who want to be in charge and in touch with their emotions.

Tubotamuno shares his inspiration for Vibe Memo, “I came up with the Vibe memo, a way to put my emotions in the right order. The days when the FEAR of failing in a proposed business DREAM seems to cripple my drive, I write down my fears and dreams, with actionable steps I am taking, to overcome them. Fitness has helped me a lot in dealing with my emotions, hence the inclusion of fitness thoughts and tips.”

Vibe Memo can be used as an emotional diary, accountability coaching, progress tracking, graphic inspiration, cry notebook, note-taking, laughter notepad, fitness inspiration, idea sketch, and brainstorming pad.

Through the Kickstarter campaign, backers will be able to get their own Vibe Memos as well more to share with others.

To find out more, visit vibememo.com.

About Dateme Tubotamuno
Dateme is the CEO and Founder of the Vibevox Group, which is a product development company focused on designing products to inspire people to live a more meaningful life. Vibe Memo and Vibemat are the first line of products from the company, as well as a motivational book Dateme has also written and published, Wake Up.

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