Top Games kick the [August 2012] funding

Mike Gonzalez February 27, 2013 4

Top 3 Games for Kickstarter funds of 25 August 2012 [Top 3 Games] Kickstarter pages 3 Kings mercenaries * [13/09/2012 financed Will] # 2 Castle history * [funded 8/29/2012] No. 1 global annihilation * [financed 14 / 09/2012] Subscribe channel 2 We Have a Twitter? Instagram allows do? Check out my pictures
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Start is a film about, well, a start-up at an early stage. The production team of the film says that it is full of situations in real deal and start laughing. The team is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. How meta. Mashable content belongs.

  • mightyzinho

    certainly cool indie games, would be cool to see Minecraft on hand to see how much money it actually is.,

  • blackoutworm

    Gotta love this Kickstarter page, huh?

  • kaka milan

    thanks for info.

  • cwoolfork

    “Everything in this movie is the real deal” …. Therefore, it is fictitious.

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