Top 5 Kickstarter Tips (Slow Motion Food Fight)

Mike Gonzalez February 16, 2013 19

As a THANK YOU to all of our supporters who helped us meet and exceed our 000 Kickstarter goal, here’s an extra special (and messy) video with useful tips for running your own Kickstarter campaign. Watch our Kickstarter Pitch Video New National Film Society Video Every Tuesday! Subscribe by clicking here: National Film Society Website – YouTube – http Facebook – Twitter – Tumblr – National Film Society Filmmakers Patrick Epino and Stephen Dypiangco are co-founders of the National Film Society. With a uniquely brainy and offbeat style, the National Film Society produces weekly web videos about movies, filmmaking and pop culture. More from PBS Digital Studios! PBS Offbook PBS Idea Channel: PBS Digital Studios: More Awesome Asian Bad Guys Facebook – Twitter – KICKSTARTER PAGE AABG Web Series Update #2 AABG Web Series Update #1 Watch the original Awesome Asian Bad Guys video here: This video features the following song: “Oh Wee” by Immortal Beats This video is about: Awesome Asian Bad Guys Kickstarter Tips Crowdfunding National Film Society Web Series Messy Slow Motion Food Fight Tags: “Kickstarter”, “top 5”, “tips”, “crowdfunding”, Awesome, Asian, “bad guys”, “web series
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  • LifeOfaStranger


  • Alec Corday

    We created our own Kickstarter project using your advice! Check it out! Let us know what you think…


    That was both informative and a ton of fun to watch

  • NationalFilmSociety

    That’s what we were going for! The double win-win!

  • Roxie21

    Best instructional video ever. I learned so much about kickstarter AND food fights.

  • wolbi01

    1 person just has no appetite LOL

  • NationalFilmSociety

    No way! But we did spend about $12 at the 99 cent store. Totally worth it.

  • HoserIN

    Congrats!!! But i think u may have spent 45k on food.

  • NationalFilmSociety

    Kickstarter is an online fundraising platform, and we’re super glad we used it!

  • NationalFilmSociety

    No problem! Good luck!

  • NationalFilmSociety

    Do it!

  • NationalFilmSociety


  • shuhanjiang

    Nice job guys! congratulation!!!!XD

  • rockpaperson

    ruh roh!

  • kirbylovesduke

    lovin the new text effects haha

  • Jen So

    I love you guys! I love your work! But stop wasting all that food!!!
    that’s all. Congrats on your Kickstarter!!!!

  • Crushoroni

    My organization is starting a kick starter soon! Thanks for all the awesome tips!

  • Shadowrunner6969

    Like I said before, I want to congratulate you guys for getting it done. I had some doubts you guys were going to pull it off – but can sigh with relief that it is now OFFICIALLY going forward. I hope to see a great show with all of the baddies of the past that is tastefully done.

    With that being said, I’m sure all the ladies will enjoy you two having a dance and then a food-fight. Right, ladies?

  • Patrick Epino

    Next time you’re in LA, it’s on!

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