‘TOOTH FAIRY’ casts wicked shadow on Peter Pan fable Now On Kickstarter!

Mike Gonzalez July 6, 2015 Comments Off on ‘TOOTH FAIRY’ casts wicked shadow on Peter Pan fable Now On Kickstarter!
‘TOOTH FAIRY’ casts wicked shadow on Peter Pan fable Now On Kickstarter!

UPDATED: 06/29/15

An allegorical short reshaping the Peter Pan legend with themes of neglect, drugs and gang initiation.
LONDON, 2015

A Lost boy, a Fairy’s story and a Hook…

Tooth Fairy revolves around a boy that’s grown up too fast meeting the boy that refused to grow up at all.
Tooth Fairy is a short film centring on Billy, a neglected boy living in the heart of the city. One night as Billy restlessly sleeps he’s visited by a Tooth Fairy. Addicted to pixie dust and wielding a bat, she’s on the hunt for Teeth whether they’re under the pillow or not. Waking up in time to save his own teeth, Billy strikes up an unlikely friendship with the magical junkie only to be snatched up by her charismatic dealer ‘Pete.’

Peter takes a shine to the brave Billy and invites him to join him in a life of danger and adventure.
The risks of leaving home with a stranger in the dead of night seem unclear for a boy neglected and unloved. The attention of someone over no-one is grievously tempting. But that attention comes at a hefty price.

And so Billy has to make a hard choice, one that may not lead to the happy ever after he’s been wishing for….

= = =
The film is written and directed by actor Owyn Stephens who also plays the unnamed ‘Peter Pan’ character. Billy is portrayed by up-and-coming Adam Thomas Wright who has already completed a feature as the son of actor Matthew Modine as well as featured in 2 episodes of The Missing. Kim Allan plays the Tooth Fairy. Kim will next be seen on TV in Outlander and Teacup Travels with Gemma Jones.

= = = =
Tooth Fairy has been filmed and edited and now needs to raise a modest £5000 to pay for VFX (Visual Effects). These include the flying ball of light that becomes the Tooth Fairy, the potent dust that Fairy’s is addicted to and Peters terrifying shadow that moves independently of its owner.

Every donor will receive a copy of the film; other rewards include props and costume from the film, screening tickets, film memorabilia, IMDB Credit, Lunch with the director and lots of other exciting stuff.

= = = =
It has long been recognized by psychologists and developmental experts that neglect can have devastating effects upon children. The failure to meet a child’s basic emotional needs impedes social and lingual abilities and leads to insularity and aggression. A child, hungry for love and affection, is easily led away by anybody showing the slightest bit of attention to the child.

Every year hundreds of thousands of young children leave home because the world outside, frightening as it is, seems more tolerable than being at home.

Child neglect often leads to lifelong emotional health problems, including an increased risk for suicide. Conversely, close contact and affection between parents and children shows a positive effect on brain development, learning abilities and social skills. Neglect in the first two years is particularly damaging and the child often fails to attach to the parents, which prevents the normal development of language abilities and neuronal development.
While the average person may not fully understand the scientific understanding of the biological effects of neglect, they do understand the phenomena in a more familiar vernacular. A neglected child will feel unloved and not learn to love others.

It is hard to judge children who join gangs which offer them comfort attention, camaraderie and loyalty over family that offers her/him nothing.

Tooth Fairy puts the audience right at the heart of this choice.

We hope this film can be shown to school children to help them talk about similar situations in the safe environment of a class and online where they can access it freely. To that end, we are currently in talks with NSPCC, The Kids Company and Children in Action to provide the film to schools and charities as part of a program of education and awareness.

Follow the hashtags #ByHookOrByCrook #ToothFairy #ABoyAGirlAHook on Twitter, Vine and Instagram.

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