Three-Layer Artisanal Leather Shoes, Zeeva, Launches on Kickstarter

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Three-Layer Artisanal Leather Shoes, Zeeva, Launches on Kickstarter

April 17, 2015— Pablo Uriegas has been working in the leather industry for over 15 years and now, he brings his expertise and passion for leatherwear into his own newly launched line, Zeeva Artigiani.

Zeeva is a line of artisanal, custom hand-stitched shoes that features three layers of thick, soft, and natural leather. Uriegas has launched Zeeva on Kickstarter to promote his up-and-coming men’s shoe line as well as to presell through the crowdfunding platform.

“Today, most men’s dress shoes are either mass-produced and cater to passing fads, or they’re sold by luxury boutiques at 3x times the cost. Zeeva is creating an alternative for customers like us; People who value quality, artistry, and timeless style,” says Uriegas.

“It was important to us to make these shoes in North America, and improve the lives of the brilliant artisans who sew them. In 2013 we pooled all of our savings together and decided to start a small manufacturing operation in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico, alongside some of the highest quality brands in the world,” says the shoemaker.
He hopes that through the Kickstarter, he can launch his shoe line to market and provide the market a great balance of price and quality.

Zeevas has three layers of leather that provides unparalleled comfort and durability:
Full-leather insole wicks away moisture and conforms to the shape of the foot
True moccasin construction provides an extra layer under the insole for unbeatable durability
Complete leather outsole (or leather midsole for some styles) gives amazing support and keeps the feet incredibly comfortable

Each Zeeva shoe is handsewn in traditional moccasin construction, using an awl and needle, a technique that produces a level of durability that is not found in today’s shoe mass production.

Through the Kickstarter campaign, Zeeva has launched its line with six collections: The Dean Classic Loafer, The Dean Summer Loafer, The Dalton Blucher Moccasin, The Dalton Summer Moccasin, The Dover Chukka Boot, and The Dover Summer Boot. The leathers are high-quality and durable. It comes in nine colors: Redwood, Black, Light Taupe, Golden Sand, British Tan, Midnight Blue, Indigo Bone, and Summer Sky. The outsoles come in three varieties: the all-leather outsole with rubber grips at the bottom, natural rubber crepe outsole, and the extra light wedge outsole.

The Dean Collection is sophisticated and flexible, with a sleek design that can easily take its wearer from the office to an after-hours party. Its summer line is perfect as a summer shoe for a walk by the beach or a pool party.
The Dalton Collection is incredibly comfortable and snug on the feet, making every wearer feel cool with the light, breathable leather that stays strong and durable.

The Dover Collection brings a modern, rugged construction that has a heavy lace whip stitch that adds a pop of texture and contrast to the dark leather design.

Every shoe in the Zeeva line will cater to anyone’s style, function, and need. It can be customized according to design, color, and outsole style. By contributing to the Kickstarter campaign, backers will be able to create their own shoes and create up to 200 different shoe styles.

Uriegas also has prepared rewards for female backers, the Portofino Sandal, which is handmade from premium leather. It features double leather outsole with a rubber insert for grip, as well as signature leather on the upper. It comes in Gold, Black, and Silver.

To find out more, visit Zeeva Shoes.

About Pable Uriegas
Pable has been in the leather industry for over 15 years supplying leather to some of the finest manufacturers in the world. One of his greatest satisfactions is seeing leather transformed into beautiful, fine shoes that stand the test of time. Over time, this passion grew until he started his own artisanal leather shoe line.

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