“The Slender Man” (Feature Film) Kickstarter Campaign – UPDATED VERSION

Mike Gonzalez March 13, 2013 14

The Kickstarter campaign has expired. Here is the the new campaign to raise funding for an original TEASER TRAILER – www.indiegogo.com Edited by “The Slender Man” Writer and Producer Steven Belcher. Teaser Poster – imgur.com Facebook – www.facebook.com Twitter – @slendermanfilm Artwork by: – coolerking – cc5 – arborrelli – corpse boy – cyndicyanide – d4rkharlequin – Hyperactive Nutcase – mazahaka1337 – reed82 – triatholisk – strawberryr – anjouanna – Strokezz www.infamouscinema.com

  • David Perry

    Sounds very interesting. I’m going to help out where I can.

  • Marco Caloia

    Everyone give 20 dollars

  • Bilbo Banks

    everyone knows he just wants his $20

  • Rose Darkholm

    omg i wanna help out anyway i can!

  • Anime Chick

    this will make such an awesome movie!!!!!

  • Slender Man


  • 129jmaster

    is it i the uk england

  • DeviateToDictionary

    oooh! this looks like it’d be AWESOME!

  • Illia Fisher

    0:42 my art :DDD

  • kiarorin

    Great idea!

  • 0NightRainbow0

    Stay slender, my friends…we neither cast, nor accept donations from fatsos.

  • raqmarotemar17


  • Sammi Draeger

    Stay Slender my friends 🙂

  • Duncan12457

    ah, I could ask slendy to act, he comes over to my house every Thursday night for Texas hold ’em

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