The Last Cause – Kickstarter

Mike Gonzalez February 1, 2013 12 Help us to make this film guys!!! The deadline gets closer and closer! THANK YOU ALL!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  • souksavanh5

    what do you mean?

  • Caivr

    took the money and ran

  • held2012

    cinema 4d ftw

  • TikiShootah

    im sure this project already failed. nice try tho

  • Ron Parida

    Hey guys,

    I’m a young filmmaker trying to raise money for a short film im doin via kickstarter as well… if you could drop by my channel and take a look at my video and project, that would mean the world to me… We have already passed our “funding goal” (which was set really low on purpose so we cud get SUM money rather than none), but we definitely need more money to make this film as cud as it can be… this short has the potential to stir up the festivals and u can b part of it too

  • nkarb

    Emancipator – The Darkest Evening of the Year
    Emancipator – Wolf Drawn
    Emancipator - Greenland

  • Vamavid

    If people are going to give their money, why don’t you pledge something in return?

  • TheRealOliver

    what is the music in the video? if you tell me I’ll pledge haha

  • pldshrtprdctns

    Did this get funded? It looks really awesome! This would be great to help out on if its still being worked on!

    We’re trying to get one funded too! /watch?v=ZaRsWgiu4DM

  • RussiaTrue

    Metal Gear Solid 4?………..

  • digitalbeat666

    mechs should be not used in war industry

  • maxus080781

    The most impressive experiense in maybe last half a year!!! Great job!!!! Keep it up guys!!!!

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