The App Human Project – Kickstarter Campaign

Mike Gonzalez March 29, 2013 4

Into To activate a pre-release of Community production and fund The App Human project, we have taken to Kickstarter, a platform for public funding. The application of the human project will be free and licensed under Creative Commons. Facebook: Twitter: Concept and script: Erika Ilves and Anna Stilwell shooting by Zer0, Dubai – Natasha Root Motion Graphics: Zer0, Dubai – Music Ungania George Michael Marantz
Video Rating: 5/5

  • achoice2live

    Wonder brought me here ….

  • FungoBoy

    I think this project needs to make the decision that will be significant or not significant. If it is to be meaningful, it becomes communist and I hope that you can, if you want to be nothing more than “generate discussion”, so it’s really no more than an “interview” and I wish you the best of luck

  • FungoBoy

    We say that after 20 years, if they come out with an “answer” to your “question”. Will have no binding force? If not, what’s the point? If so, what would happen to those who do not agree with your resolution? They ostracized by those who support your project?

  • fashanu willies

    nice what about android.

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