Tex Murphy – Fedora Project kick starts 15th May

Mike Gonzalez April 29, 2013 38
Tex Murphy – Fedora Project kick starts 15th May

Tex Murphy - Fedora Project Kickstarter begins 15 May

Hello OFT Now, how many of you thought (or perhaps read” GamesTM “), we are working on a new play Tex Murphy. (Better late than never, right? … No?) We have a decision last month that the time had come to the storyline Tex wait we could not not finish. We agreed that we needed to finish the story, but it should be a more “modest” game from Big Finish Games is a small game studio but with the recent success Kickstarter for other adventure games -. Adventure Double Fine Wasteland 2 – we saw an opportunity to create a series of large-scale So in this sense, we hope to make the next Tex Murphy game for a much larger, dare I say, epic level. – More players, places, stories and broader yes -. rather significant ways checkered history with these elements we have a better chance to expand the audience and a better chance of commercial success and the continuation space. would allow us a true adventure game with immersive 3D world, full motion video, and more the game on 15 To make May, we will launch a Kickstarter page to help raise funds for the project. How do we prepare the video shoot Kickstarter, we are. Additional feedback from you on what fundraising incentives, you want to see Old Games? New Games? Bags? T-shirts, posters, artwork interested autographs, dinner for two? Dinner for three? Carl Kasell’s voice on the answering machine at home? Let us know! We for you …
Video Rating: 4/5

gameplay work in progress “Dangerous elite” multiplayer. To finance elite: Dangerous promised www.kickstarter.com
Video Rating: 4/5

  • Andrew Davis

    Great job on getting Tex and running.

  • testosteronetitan

    Great Job! It is now funded!

  • APFla82

    I promise! it is 300k, 150k, to reach the target! People with a donation!

  • MaximumMachinima

    Yes, they will.

  • cmksify

    wiivewr is the only reason I clicked on this vid


    I donated just $ 500! Come on people, lets put back our hero Tex! 🙂

  • antsman88

    do not understand the end

  • texmurphy3

    The kick is online! Type tex murphy in research on Kickstarter

  • ETophales

    You can use the end of the Kickstarter project in July please? Too many kickstarter short money = not enough.

  • ETophales

    Not on Kickstarter, but some of these games have the potential to save outside Kickstarter. Double Fine has, for example, just one page, where you can get someone the $ 15 pet via PayPal, and Wasteland 2 has a $ 20 pre-order option (which is not like Kickstarter, but still cheaper than the game on the release).

  • freed1046

    Anyone else hear Tex Murphy Radio Theater?

  • Hotdiggity11

    You can play a game as it is time to kick, even if they already reached their goal. If the deadline has passed, we will not. Some companies have implemented Paypal options so that you make a donation, you can ask them.

  • AgentDagHorton

    Tex Murphy Oh yes! My favorite game is “Pandora Directive”

  • TheMrInfantaria

    A question: Can you save a game that already has reached the limit kick?

  • TheMrInfantaria

    Tim Schafer, Al Lowe, Wasteland, Grim Dawn, and now Murphy.Putain Tex, I’m in heaven

  • ken131

    D’awwwwww …. Give him a lot of money and make it better: -3 (Seriously, I do not know why his eyes are so bright)

  • Andrew Kasch

    Good news! Al Lowe & Jane Jensen was a great success with their kickstarter. You guys can do the same thing with Tex! Have you thought about porting all the tracks more for iPad versions? I do not know how difficult it can be for FMV … 7th Guest, but if it could do, surely you guys can!

  • TheMrInfantaria

    Chris Jones to tears

  • TheMrInfantaria

    Fuck Yeah.

  • jrt70

    I am excited and anxious. The last game I was almost given to Duke Nukem 3D Reloaded and … Could not the finish line. I want to watch another match Tex, but we are not talking of a 2D ‘indie’ platformer that making money because it costs nothing. Appropriate follow-Tex, in my mind, requires a decent budget, and I’m not sure, are donations. But Jones and Conners are involved with, I’d love to be wrong.

  • joseph7099

    VIVE Tex Murphy. I donate because this is a fine double the best and better than the wasteland.

  • kuukkari

    In the history of the impressive things is the coolest thing ever.

  • Netreek

    First game I played was under a moon killings. Then Pandora Directive, Overseer and eventually managed to obtain free copies of the first two games (Mean Streets, Martian notes) that I liked was part of 3-5, because of this unique gameplay this time is to get actors, famous actors also appear in this game .. I’ve never seen anything like it before. Indexes that were really hard to solve. The funny moments (loved them) and finally another Tex Murphy. I waited so long. Make It Happen.

  • Mirality

    Have you tried to get GoG.com issue?

  • Mirality

    I heard about it. Now the anticipation is killing me. We want to Tex!

  • StarTux

    Pre-pre-alpha, is this sequence that you do not normally see, 🙂 so early in development.

  • TheYoudge

    Explosion looks fantastic! =)

  • Whatever4690

    The problem is that the elite citizens and the stars, which released at the same time, both games are very similair.Je think they should have different servers, casual and hardcore.

  • kelethria

    The struggle seems boring.

  • Niqbal87

    This is awesome, why not do it at full steam

  • gregderm

    Many comments say, “Oh, that looks good”, and only 15,697 followers, I’m starting to worry …

  • iestynne

    I’d love to see the whole community interaction with a system like the news players in Dark Souls. It would be great to set foot on a certain solitude, distant planet … planted discover a mysterious secret from a visitor before 🙂

  • John Smith

    Obviously he does not come, follow the story campaign, as you did in the X-series or Privateer. Who wants to fly in a big world without land? I pulled out my promise and encouraging others to go to Citizen Star promises that offers both a single player campaign and a sandbox world.

  • Denny de la Haye

    I’d rather they have the right person gameplay. This is what the first was so incredible.

  • adzguitar1

    Citizen star is pretty cool, but it is 7 million and Elite difficulties, his total kick is a crime. Wing Commander was a rip-off of the elite after all. It seems P C players forget their roots. Fingers crossed two games. . . . . . .

  • StarTux

    From the FAQ: “.. Are you the Newtonian physics in the game, the amount of fly-by-wire, to replace the feeling of shelter is something we carefully adjust”

  • foodlfg

    great, but where is the physics? ‘S not an atmosphere that you fly in. ..

  • GGShinobi77


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