Sui Generis Kickstarter pitch video

Mike Gonzalez March 18, 2013 17

Sui Generis Kickstarter pitch video

Check it out on Kickstarter if you’re interested: Visit our website and help us make this game! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook! https

  • ricefarmer

    hmm that makes sense, thanks, hope it looks alot better, right now its unplayable

  • Rwaat

    This is Pre-alpha footage, there is still 17 months left of development, also they did not have a real animator when they created this video.

    Madoc even mention that this is just a prototype in the beginning of the video.

  • ricefarmer

    walking and the movements look very unatural and wonky… you need to seriously clean that up, i mean they look drunk when when hes fighting who the hell shakes all over the place when they fight.. and floaty when he walks

    esp with a great idea as this…

  • ricefarmer

    walking and the movements look very unatural and wonky… you need to seriously clean that up, esp with a great idea as this…

  • ricefarmer

    please make it more lively a room with just rock is boring ass shit, its not d2, make it asthetically pleasing with appealing characters…

  • Jamie Highfill

    Hey I just signed the forum and I like the site soo far! and that I can’t wait when this can out.

  • Jamie Highfill

    Now I am excitted PLus I have too tell mine father about the two games.. But Not the BeanFun website plus I am going asked him if they ever come out I well be an very happy person for mine rest of mine life.

  • Michael Thomas

    THIS GAME needs to be put into a MMORPG!!! WITH the old Ultima Online game play ability to have a house, build furniture, attack homes and players in their homes, harvest wood and minerals, Book mark locations wherever to teleport to latter, etc. Don’t be fools. You have a winner engine. Give the people what they want, not the WATERED DOWN modern game industry crap.

  • aabbccddeeffgg1234

    too bad i am too late to get access to the beta :/

  • judeadham

    Does it cost money?

  • EPR89

    Incredible concept!
    This is why I love the independent scene.

  • VipMss

    No one has ever seen God, but the one and only Son, who is himself God and is in closest relationship with the Father, has made Him known – JESUS CHRIST IS LORD

  • Arnis Vaivars

    The animations were made by the programmer and not a professional animator as this is just a prototype and not even alpha yet which means that what you see here is in no way representative of the final product, it just demonstrates some of the definitely impressive technology.

    Combat will look much better when they actually bring an animator onboard. Also there will be a story, things will happen in the world regardless of your influence and you`ll also be able to take on quests.

  • souksavanh5


  • Vino Tinto

    If the background, the quests and the plots are well writen, if there’s rich and deep gameplay mechanisms, if the game world is a living thing, this game could be the one I always wished for ! Keep up the hard work and make it real Bare Mettle, you are aiming something great !

  • SlyRoogon

    Will the world be living and breathing???

  • IAmAnAngryAlien

    Plus there are plenty of games with a top-down view. Starcraft, DotA, Diablo, Torchlight, Company of Heroes, and even Dungeon Defenders can have a top down perspective.

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