Styled for Every Season: Stay Warm in Style Turns to Kickstarter for New Collection, Partners with Non-Profit La Cigarra

Mike Gonzalez November 7, 2014 Comments Off on Styled for Every Season: Stay Warm in Style Turns to Kickstarter for New Collection, Partners with Non-Profit La Cigarra
Styled for Every Season: Stay Warm in Style Turns to Kickstarter for New Collection, Partners with Non-Profit La Cigarra

UPDATED: 11/06/14

September 24, 2014— Stay Warm in Style is the brainchild of Cristina Duque Triana as a fulfillment of her vision on helping women accessorize in less time and money.

Triana has created a Kickstarter campaign to raise $8,000 to help her complete her fall and winter line, as well as partner with non-profit organization La Cigarra located in her hometown in Colombia.

“Stay Warm in Style is a fashion-oriented company based in the Pacific Northwest providing solutions for the modern woman. We design and manufacture a range of stylish accessories which include leg warmers, socks, boot cuffs, neck warmers, scarves, and scarf cuffs,” says Triana.

“Most of our accessories are multipurpose, which gives you even more value for your money. We use beautiful buttons and fixtures in the design of our products while ensuring the highest quality every time you shop from our store,” she adds.

Triana hopes the through the Kickstarter campaign, she can amp up the production of their fall and winter line. Aside from scarves, boot cuffs, socks and legwarmers, her store also offers unique leather accessories. All her product designs are named after positive and beautiful qualities of women, to reflect different personalities and styles.

Stay Warm in Style also works in partnership with La Cigarra, a non-profit that supports approximately 300 impoverished families, where they provide preventive and primary health care services, and housing and community development, to name a few. La Cigarra also operates a daycare center for around 170 children from 6 months to 5 years old, as well as an after-school program for the youth.

Triana shares, “Growing up in Colombia, I have witnessed poverty and the devastating effect of war in neglected communities. It’s my responsibility to lay a helping hand to those in need.” She says that with each purchase of any Stay Warm in Style product, customers will be doing their part in helping her crowdfunding campaign as well as taking part in helping enrich the lives of Colombia’s underprivileged families.

Through the campaign, backers can get Stay Warm in Style products of their choice, depending on their pledge levels. Backers can also use this campaign to acquire winter and fall accessories to gift to their families and friends. The highest-level backers can also take home every single unit of their warehouse, in every color, and even fly to Bogota, Colombia to visit La Cigarra. The trip include airfare from anywhere in the United States, and accommodation for one in a five-star hotel for two nights.

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About Cristina Duque Triana
Cristina Duque Triana was born in Colombian and now a mother of a beautiful daughter. She is a designer, economist, Spanish teacher and cancer survivor.

Cristina founded Stay Warm in Style™ in 2013 where she focuses on designing and selling unique accessories for every season.

Stay Warm in Style is not only about style and fashion; it’s also about enriching the lives of underprivileged children. In partnership with the non-profit organization La Cigarra, a portion of the proceeds from every sale we make goes to better the living conditions of these wonderful kids.

Stay Warm in Style

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