Start/Select – Console rumours! Kickstarter seduce ’em up!

Mike Gonzalez March 11, 2013 32
Start/Select – Console rumours! Kickstarter seduce ’em up!

Start/Select - Console rumours! Kickstarter seduce 'em up!

Cam brings you a round up of the many new console rumours, and news of a Kickstarter campaign for Leisure Suit Larry. Watch Start/Select – Watch Appetite for Distraction – Watch Escape from Mount Stupid – Like us on Facebook – Follow us on Twitter –

Fallout developer’s isometric, party-based PC role-playing game surpasses .1 million target in just over a day; stretch goals scaling up to .4 million revealed. Stay up to date by subscribing to GameSpot news! Check out the article at! Visit our other channels: Gameplay & Guides – Trailers – MLG, NASL & eSports – Mobile Gaming – Like – Follow –

  • Jamie Lingongberry

    wow thats a really good point

  • Jamie Lingongberry


  • Theodosiou74

    GameCube 2. Just do it, and see if you can stop Nintendo from being a laughing stock.

  • CharlsAnd2

    Please LucasArst, Battlefront 3!

  • crazyBloodmonkey

    so 2 people said the wii u wasn’t as powerful as as the xbox 360 and ps3….that is the stupidest thing i have ever heard i pretty sure nintendo knows that if this console isn’t more powerful than current consoles then it is not going to sell so those two source are just speaking bull shit  the point is i am pretty sure nintendo isn’t going to be be hide twice in a row i pretty they know what they are doing with wii u they are trying to make it a hardcore system that everyone can play

  • haeltacforce

    please just kill all the anonymous sources (and i mean that literally).

  • jinzo64

    the wii u will have a gig of ram but whats the point if it processing power is less than the current gen consoles of sony and microsoft.
    so it will be able to play games like GTA5 and Darksiders 2 but what about future multiformat games.
    games that will be designed for ps4 and the xbox720.
    it won’t get them just like the wii didn’t non of the big games were remade for the wii.
    no bioshock,elderscrolls,fear or FFXIII.
    so why would games companys down grade games for the wii u.
    answer they won’t.

  • jinzo64

    so the wii u won’t be as power as the current generation consoles from sony and microsoft and will have a tablet controller.
    nintendo is making a big mistake with the wii u.
    1 it should be more powerful graphicaly than either the current sony or microsfot home consoles.
    2 the tablet looks awful and isn’t a good innovation.
    3 it claims hd but it split between the t.v and the tablet when both are running.
    it’s 720 and 480.
    this is going to be nintendos biggest mistake ever.

  • TheFBStretch

    Nintendo make their consoles about gameplay, not power. Some of the best games have been made on the Nintendo Wii, no the WII U wont be a powerful as the PS3 or Xbox 360, but it’s still HD graphics and it’s still about gameplay, it sounds like a win win to me?

  • MrLaimis911

    constant internet connection to Console will lead more people buying PC for gaming and piracy will stay where it is .

  • MeshTheSnake

    wii u is for fags and milfs

  • enicot

    i was a little bumed about the Wii U horsepower being not that hot… but then i heard about the constant internet conection… now i don’t feel so bad

  • cartmanschili

    BAH damn you MS. ill just wait for a re release of the xbox 720. 2015 fingers crossed

  • William Hoang

    If it requires a constant internet connection im definitely getting a PS4. Microsoft is going down imo losing some of its best exclusives (ME and Bioshock), XBL is not worth the RRP, only difference i’ve noticed with it and PSN is party chat, never understood why Sony never put it out on the PS3 maybe they have, i dont know, but anyways FUCK YOU MICROSOFT YOU GREEDY CUNTS!

  • thetomtom360

    i heard that blue ray is no different to a HD tv …

  • CReaper210

    Ehh, I don’t HAVE to check Wiki to know this, but I did anyways and what a surprise, it says absolutely nothing about Sony ‘owning’ blu ray disc. Because they don’t. Just like the Xbox 360 and PS2 both use the same DVD format.

  • louisgworld

    ikr, when i heard this on another video i was like, wtf? its unfair for me because my connection cuts out randomly every couple of hours :(, although i probably wont buy the new xbox until about 2 years after its release, then i get to see the problems with the device and the price will have dropped by then

  • delosombres1

    Maybe it will be… for some people with impossible expectations…

  • Toonamik

    game will be disaster 🙁 

  • kiriderz

    2.4 mil is all that matter! 2.4 MUST BE THE GOAL!

  • kiriderz


  • Eric Sion

    I’m a backer!, Let them do their game whitout the influence of a publisher, we all saw what EA did do Bioware!

  • Longmachao

    You mean the game that’s pretty much like Bethesda Fallout3? You know, the reason why anyone’s even interested in fallout again in the first place? Sorry, the game was decent but feel like just a big DLC of Fallout3. Now if they were the one that made Fallout3… there would still be hope for them yet.

  • John Wilkes Booth

    Fallout: New Vegas

  • Syranus66

    I appreciate Avellone’s writing. Its for this reason that i liked new vegas more than 3. Kotor 2 more than the original. I like his style. Sure there is bugs in Obsidian games. But i am willing to accept those bugs for a game i like. I will take an obsidian game over a biotrash game any day. (sorry but thats what bioware has been reduced to)

  • Longmachao

    I don’t know why so many people putting their faith in Obsidian. They haven’t made any good games in the past decade.

  • Ryan Beeton

    So 2.4 Millions with absolutely no glitches right?

  • Jason Brody


  • destroycentaur

    er, I mean Wasteland?

  • King Antler

    What about Skyrim or Fallout?

  • KabraxisOblivion

    Ask Bethesda goddammit. Obsidian does not own the IP.

  • KabraxisOblivion

    You clearly have no idea what you are talking about.
    Fallout engine? It’s 15 years old. New Vegas engine? That was the Gamebryo Engine by Bethesda. They would have to pay money, a lot, to use that.
    Of course they already have what they need but nealy every developer has that. Okay, let’s say they get $3 millions from Kickstarter. -10% for Amazon payment usage and Kickstarter fees (yes, they are that high). Now they need to pay a team of at least 20-30 people working on it for… (next comment)

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