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Mike Gonzalez February 19, 2013 23

Stardrive Into a 4x strategy game action in which the goal is to build an empire space. We are putting together a Kickstarter campaign in order to fully fund our needs of art and to create the best possible space empire game.
Video Rating: 5/5

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  • StuckCrab

    If you want to play the sins and the sword of the stars then fine, but the one being insulting here is you. Precisely because it is an indie game that does not make it 4x lower than those of big budget games, it seems indeed better and more fun for me.

  • DarkRipper117

    I do not know what is really going on with this kind of games … I mean …. because if there are games great empire as sins, and the sword of the stars … Why do they do this kind of games like this …. This makes it an insult to those games and themselves …. I mean just take a look at this sword of the stars has to offer and compare that to this … I do not know … the serious man … if you’re going to call this a game .. 4x you havent seen a real yet then! -_ # Just do your best dont mess.!

  • seeriktus


  • TheJesterLicious

    This is like a different version of Distant Worlds 🙂


    give a link! someone?!

  • nostradamus1915

    69 I like it, this is a magic number …

  • jack clark

    The ships move to fast: (

  • LOLKaka90

    This game is so terrible I WANT hours O.o

  • sherpaXD

    Totalbiscuit? why did you say that? did not mention the game? I need a link: s

  • Bryan Grossman

    I keep throwing money at the screen but nothing happens!

  • moshpitkosh

    huuurrrryyy up print n: (TAKE MY MONEY!

  • drnmdrnm

    I want to see colonization visible planets. It would be exciting.

  • Lop7dh

    The only thing that I would like to see added to the vessel design is the possibility to design the model, or of the hull, on which you place the pieces of lego ship-parts. If you promise me that, I will gladly preorder.

  • shasotirgis

    hi was curious to know if the ground combat will be like Master of Orion 2 – best ground fighting game to date for 4x – how do you see your battle enemy troops

  • Susana Sabino

    A legend is automatically Hair traduzida google Tradutor, por isso is Tao ruim :/

  • Taiane Sena

    I am from Brazil and my English is poor. The texts in Portuguese are wrong. Who translated this? I need to see that videoooooooooooooos!

  • heartsofqueens

    only.picture.lydia oO not use for his being so … calm …

  • oblivionninja1

    and places are damn expensive lol

  • MrEnKaye

    unf, Wiles MK is just …. hot.

  • MsYellowhippy

    I knew I recognized Kylie Sparks somewhere! I looked Pizza with Ethan Embry recently: D

  • Tailored4Dreams

    Really? Only a man could write this.

  • zooyorkk

    Why do women need empowerment? They feel underpowered?

  • modelmotion

    🙂 🙂 🙂

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