Project Eternity Kickstarter from Obsidian Entertainment

Mike Gonzalez March 25, 2013 23

Project Eternity Kickstarter from Obsidian Entertainment

Project Eternity looks like it is going to be great fun and they are already breaking their goals! This site pays for these videos. Supporting EVE Online ETC, Linkrealms and World of Tanks! Like on FaceBook Find me on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  • keko4321

    dude it should be the way round , your face in small box and the thing you review in large box

  • igorbog88

    this fucktard

  • goddlykitty

    my awesome artifact if i could make one would be the markeedragon
    and it would look like you and you would smack people with it :D!

  • pedrohakia1

    You forgot to link the videos Markee

  • ksherman51

    markee what do u think project titan is for blizzard?

  • firesickle

    Chris Avellon and Tim Cane both in the team? Thats all it took for me, I am backing this project

  • markeedragon

    Kickstarter is also a tool for market research. It allows them to try some crazy things and if it does not resonate with the players then no one will give funding. Imagine making the whole game and THEN finding that out. The way they are doing it is the perfect way. Loaded company or not.

  • markeedragon

    Yes I’ll take a look at it after I get my move done. So a couple of weeks.

  • youngggty

    gearbox just did cloth for borderlands 2 loot collectors edition

  • Shane Garraíodóir

    to create Markee Inn 🙂

  • ITPalGame

    Kickstarter to get Markee $1000 for an NPC.

  • ITPalGame

    I still have my cloth map from EverQuest.
    No one really does cloth maps anymore.

  • gortijx


  • MrSpeedy29

    Darkfall: Unholy Wars (formerly known as Darkfall 2010 and Darkfall 2.0) was announced yesterday with a November 20th release date. Game will be epic. Hope you show it some love Mr. MarkeeDragon

  • leaf16nut

    Why if they’ve created so many games, have a huge company and have made millions, why do they need a kickstarter?

    I watched the video and all it told me is they’re loaded, I have no problem backing little companies who can’t afford to make games, but this is just ridiculous…

  • AlbinoBarnOwl

    I wish it was going to be on consoles, then I would back it.:/

  • Francois424

    So when are you starting your own MMO(Ultima Online clone of course) Kickstarter Markee ?
    Heh, just teasing. I guess we’ll just wait for Ultima Forever and he new Lord British MMO before doing that.

  • GloomFate

    2.2 Million LINUX!!!!!!!!!!!! when they reach that I will back it.

  • cingin

    Time to start a kickstarter to get Markee in Eternity Project = D

  • LazzyRabbit

    Just subscribed recently “Thanks” for the info on the eternity Project, I’m defiantly looking into Helping kick-starting them… 😉
    (Huge RPG Fan and collector – Especially Old school D&D)

  • Jamass11

    The links are not working at the end of the video. Just a heads up! 🙂

  • dmikeyj

    If this only captures a bit of Planescape, I will be a happy boy. Some of the best games I’ve ever played, technical issues aside.

  • ArcheysGames

    Markee, have you tried Path of Exile? It’s a great Diablo 2 style ARPG. The developers are really dedicated.

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