PODlife Announces Groundbreaking Pod Based Shaker Bottle & Whey Protein Powder Line

Mike Gonzalez September 21, 2015 Comments Off on PODlife Announces Groundbreaking Pod Based Shaker Bottle & Whey Protein Powder Line
PODlife Announces Groundbreaking Pod Based Shaker Bottle & Whey Protein Powder Line

Australia & California based PODlife is out to deliver a fresh protein beverage experience with their new pod based protein shaker and line of premium protein powders.

September 9, 2015 – PODlife, a fitness beverage company based out of Australia and California, has designed the world’s first protein shaker that utilizes sealed pods of fresh protein powder that can be released and mixed with a push of a button. Designed for active individuals on the go, the PODlife pre-packaged pods keep the powder fresh until they are ready to be used. The shaker is designed to utilize their own formula of protein, which is made from the highest quality ingredients. PODlife is led by Ben Acott, who is formerly of Facebook and was one of their earliest employees. As Facebook was a pioneer in Social Media, Acott aims to break new ground with PODlife.

PODlife developed their own line of premium whey protein powders that come in flavors such as Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry. The protein is freshly sealed via individual pods for use by the PODlife shaker. Each serving contains a minimum of 20g of protein and the pods are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. The protein is crafted from an ultra filtered WPI / WPC blend which is completely un-altered and provides maximum levels of protein and purity. In addition, PODlife has recently added a line of vegan proteins, which are certified organic and were developed in partnership with Raw Green Organics.

Technology has always been at the forefront of health and fitness, yet has never experienced an impact this exciting in the protein/beverage category. The shaker market has usually thrived on simple design and function, and there has been a need for innovation with the way consumers experience their workout beverages. The PODlife shaker bottle boasts a brilliant design and is BPA free, dishwasher-safe and designed to travel anywhere you go. PODlife also plans to unveil multiple new products over the next year that work with their shaker.

In support of company growth efforts, PODlife has launched a Kickstarter campaign that will help increase initial production of the pods and drive down the overall unit price. The Kickstarter page is currently live until September 21st, and those who contribute as little as $15 can receive the shaker bottle and a starter pack of pods.

Kickstarter Link – http://pod.life/

“We have spent the past 3 years in research and development to create the perfect way to buy and consume protein for today’s high-octane fitness aficionados. We are extremely excited about our launch and cannot wait for people to start using PODlife to experience all of it’s benefits.” – Ben Acott / Founder

Protein Powder Lineup:

Berry Active
Chocolate Whey
Vanilla Whey
Chocolate Organic Vegan Protein
Vanilla Organic Vegan Protein

About PODlife:

PODlife is about bridging the gap between freshness, quality and convenience with a range of sports nutrition, wellness and vitamin products in PODs. Our founding team is originally from Australia and have recently moved to San Diego, California to launch PODlife on the world stage.
We’re dedicated to making quality nutrition and wellness products more convenient.

The company is also exploring licensing and partnerships with other brands and products in the vitamin, nutrition and wellness space. PODlife has also developed an exciting solution for a POD based infant formula Shaker System.

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