OUYA and the Crowd-Funding Phenomenon: But Let the Buyer Beware!

Mike Gonzalez March 6, 2013 17

Please leave a like (or thumbs up) for the LATEST Gaming Info! • Subscribe for more! www.youtube.com • Link to Ouya Kickstarter Project: www.kickstarter.com • Link to Pebble Kickstarter Project: www.kickstarter.com The proliferation of crowd funding from sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo is pretty insane. I discuss what looks to be one of the largest projects ever crowd-funded by one of these sites: Ouya, an Android-based console for 0. Looks pretty good to be honest, but let the “FUNDER BEWARE” of these crowd-funded projects! • FREE NetFlix Trial: www.netflix.com • Twitter: www.Twitter.com • Facebook: www.Facebook.com • G2PO: www.G2PO.com • NGTZombies: www.G2PO.com • NGTMinecraft: www.G2PO.com • WebofSpiderBite: www.YouTube.com • NGTGames: www.G2PO.com • NGTChallenges: www.YouTube.com Tags: ouya, pebble, android, console, kickstarter, indiegogo, crowd funding
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  • ann55771

    awesome i think its a great idea ouya open source new games quadcore tegra 3 cpu on android very powerful

  • ZambonieDude

    They Have 8 Million Dollars Holy Shit Spider You Were Right

  • MegaDavid9999

    Eat your words

  • killr3333

    So wait a console that runs games like of iPhone and other well wtf

  • Tommy Guerrera

    I pledged $129 to the Ouya kickstarter (The $99 pledge plus $30 for an extra controller) after a couple weeks of researching it. It looks very great and there will be legit awesome games for it. I can’t wait to get my Ouya.

  • MrStrangeCrow

    Nah I’m just a troll :/

  • IS0iOS

    Sorry, it’s going to fail. I just thought you knew the obvious. 

  • MrStrangeCrow

    Ouya never went into production. So how could have it failed?

  • IS0iOS

    ouya is still a failure.

  • MrStrangeCrow

    No it isn’t, it’s also on the PC. iOS, Xbox 360 AND Andriod, which is what OUYA’s platform is based on, the Android. Mojang can also code a minecraft game on this platform, since Mojang put $10,000 in this project already.

  • CrossoverGameReviews


  • IS0iOS

    minecraft is a 360 exclusive

  • digibear1

    Kind of worried because the console will be open to hackers. Now hackers on a console don’t really go hand in hand, so publishers/ developers will have to spend money on servers made specifically for hackers and modders. That might limit certain devs and publishers from creating games.

  • MacPcPro

    is world at war fun on ps3? i know it has hackers but is it fun and have a lot of people playing without hacks?

  • Federico Lanas Palacios


  • BarabbasToday

    Aww man! This is AWESOME!!!!

  • Jarell Bow

    Riley here, that is freakin awesome!!!!

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