Our upcoming comedy webseries: the official teaser Cult + No common Kickstarter

Mike Gonzalez March 20, 2013 3

Kickstarter: kck.st / / Tweet: clicktotweet.com Our next (current) series is “The Cult together,” a new show about five friends in their thirties and in a ritual worship are. Lovecraftian blood. But we need your help to finance! And boy did we have rewarded. As DVD Mermates mini comics, dvds common worship, mini comics and digital copies, prints and much more exclusive Mermates! If you want to see this teaser and more, please help us on this show a reality. We can not do it without you. thank you!

  • Vendermarch

    Hey, I love the guy, but the teaser was moderate amusant.Seinfeld amusant.Sans Kramer.

  • ballyhoo37

    YAY! More fun-ness!

  • TheOnesuperduperdude

    Funny guys funny

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