ORRRI Innovative Origami Set Debuts on Kickstarter as a Staff Pick

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ORRRI Innovative Origami Set Debuts on Kickstarter as a Staff Pick

December 16, 2015— Origami is the art of paper-folding, which has pervaded the Japanese culture since long ago. Today, origami is widely used by kids and adults alike as an art form. Jumperound, a Kyiv, Ukraine-based creative “laboratory” of art, games, and interactive accessories, uses origami and takes it to another level as it launches Orrri, an origami art book of over 10 colorful models.

Orrri debuts on Kickstarter as a Staff Pick, one of the prestigious titles for up-and-coming campaigns in the platform. In the campaign, Jumperound aims to raise $5,000 to bring Orrri into full production. The crowdfunding campaign started December 8 and is raising enough funds by January 21 to fuel their initial production run.

Orrri is an artistic and modern origami set that unites traditional with contemporary-inspired animal models into an interactive Orrri legend. Each of the 10 origami models has embossed lines to help with folding and bending. The set will also contain 10 extra copies of origami models, 10 coloring templates, and an art book.

The origami models included in the box set are penguin, dove, kitten, rabbit, mouse, skunk, owl, crane, fox, and panda. These animal origamis are designed by Igor Chyzhov and other origami artists such as Dr. Stephen O’Hanlon, Nick Robinson, and Yann Mouget. Meanwhile, the Orrri art book includes illustrations by Igor Chyzhov, origami instructions and guides, and an interactive legend about Orrri animals with some gaps for filling with names and dreams.

The Orrri Legend features a short story specially created for kids. This story is based on the principles of idea materializing and art therapy, which can help cultivate creativity and imagination for children even at a young age. According to Vitaly Tkach of Jumperound, “The main idea is to make wishes come true by processing a fairy ritual with Orrri animals.”

Additionally, Orrri is designed to help children develop and improve their composing skills as they create their own stories as they try to realize their dreams. In the Kickstarter campaign, Jumperound cites an Orrri legend as an example.

Jumperound has long been using the Kickstarter platform for raising funds for their various projects, such as World of Mythology and Mythical. Through the Orrri Kickstarter campaign, they also hope to reach stretch goals of over $10,000 which will help them add 10-20 extra models to their original animal origami models.

In return for backer support, Jumperound has prepared perks depending on backer tier levels. These include Orrri digital versions for download, discounted Orrri sets, and many more.

To find out more, visit orrri.com.

ORRRI is an illustrative origami collection created by Jumperound’s artists. Basically ORRRI includes 10 models (mouse, rabbit, kitten, penguin, dove, skunk, owl, crane, fox and panda), but it will be also possible to add 10-20 extra models during the Kickstarter campaign.

About Jumperound
Jumperound is a creative laboratory which has representatives in Philadelphia, USA and Kyiv, Ukraine. We’ve already launched two successful Kickstarter campaigns: World of Mythology and Mythical. ORRRI is our third art project and we hope it will become popular all around the world!

​Website: www.jumperound.com
Email: what@jumperound.com
Facebook: facebook.com/jmprnd

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