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Mike Gonzalez March 31, 2013 12

A movement towards independent development has taken particular interest for the past 5 or so years. A report came out that the popular service “Kickstarter” isn’t the goldmine that many have thought it to be. Has the movement against bigger publishers reached it’s end point? TYT Gaming breaks it down and explains why 43% is actually a high number considering the medium. What do you think about the future of independent gaming? Tell us in the comments below. Link to article: Watch more TYT Gaming: Twitter: Channel: Send your clips to TYT Nation at
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This video was created to explain a Kickstarter funding project to publish a photography book and give a sample of the other world than can be found inside. Currently the book is about 200 pages and includes many thousands of images. We will be doing an offset print run of several thousand copies of the book. By funding this project, you are helping us to create the world where a book like this can exist. For more information: We spent about a decade documenting the people and culture of Burning Man. Many of the images celebrate joy and life. Others were created to confront social rules that need to be challenged. Many of the photographs grew from this simple conversation: “How do you want the world to be different?” which was followed with “Let’s create an image which will help bring forth that change.” Any nudity shown is part of the artistic expression of Burning Man and not intended in any erotic context. All photo subjects have signed a image release.

  • kokocipher

    Yes, Kick Starter is absolutely a valid option for funding. If Mass Affect was funded that way, the ending would have been much better.

  • IITheBrandonShowII

    I’m more inclined to say mobile gaming is the way to go for new developers. I’m more happy that people like David Hayter are on board for such projects. Even though I dislike handhelds.

  • IITheBrandonShowII

    You’re right about the community aspect. I certainly feel like a lot of independent developers go out of their way to reward their community. For example, Minecraft is mega popular because they don’t throw copyright claims channels for using their gameplay. Whereas, I can’t say the same for certain companies. As a youtuber, they instantly get my respect. Just little things like that is all that’s needed.


    If you’re just starting out a word of advice stick to apps games on the Smartphones 3DS Vita. because console games cost to much to make and if your game isn’t perfect people aren’t going to pay $50-$60 for it. I had an idea for a game in which the character is trying to go to the break room while avoiding annoying ass shoppers…!

  • elPominator

    The other reasons being the fact that the audience for some project games, even proposed sequels to well remembered games are now mid 40’s, and possibly in possession of quite a bit of cash, others hoping to cash in on more recent successes (such as luminaries of infinity wards or DICE) would have more difficulty due to the attendant experience gap, now I love me some BF3, but I would be more willing to pony up the cash for a Jetpac sequel than Modern Gunshooterwarfare8 or such

  • elPominator

    With regards to kickstarter success, I think that 43% is actually quite a decent number for a few reasons: primarily it shows that some games arent in as much demand as people may have thought (for example the audience of the escapist magazine may indeed want every game to be half life 2, or portal, the rest of us do not), Tim Schaefer (legend that he is), the wasteland crew and the carmageddon crew are all people who have earned our respect and get the money because they deserve it.

  • elPominator

    You are dead right on the fact that Independent videogame production has gone through the roof recently, mainly (I think) due to the overwhelming availability of distribution sources, word of mouth popularity, and being in the same ‘genre’ as minecraft and angry birds, as they are games that people think of as representations of indie success, therefore consumers are more willing to take a gamble on a smaller game, given higher quality and cheaper prices (so the shitty economy really helps!)

  • GeneralInsomnia

    A lot of major publishing companies (like Take-Two Interactive) have as much or nearly as much as EA and don’t beat up their consumer-base but I completely agree.

  • Robin Parsons

    If Dr. Seuss had been a photographer, his work would have looked kind of like Julian’s. – from a die hard Seuss fan.

  • denisecottin

    I can’t wait to see this book published so I can eat it up!

  • h2oboy1

    GO GO GO!!!

  • technopatra

    Nicely done, go Julian and the Deputies!!

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