Oculus Rift Kickstarter Video

Mike Gonzalez March 25, 2013 39

Oculus Rift Kickstarter Video

www.kickstarter.com Oculus Rift is a new virtual reality (VR) headset designed specifically for video games that will change the way you think about gaming forever. With an incredibly wide field of view, high resolution display, and ultra-low latency head tracking, the Rift provides a truly immersive experience that allows you to step inside your favorite game and explore new worlds like never before.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

The Project: www.kickstarter.com We’re really excited for Season 2 – we’re shooting in February and looking to put it out in July, so now’s your chance to be a sponsor!

  • racerturbo

    I hope you guys understand that rift gives only a 3D massivly amazing grafics BUT ! If you want a game like SAO or Accel World they need to improve the BCI technology, to create a controller that will allow us to control our charcter with our mind.There is already one but it dosent have enough sensors to detect all the brainwaves that are required to a game like SAOt

  • AlexanderMccarthey87

    Come on. ON YOUTUBE! 

  • rafpac6

    Ah kick starters, the not so regulated form of financing ideas.

  • Diego Leon

    Everyone is so worked up over SAO. I can’t wait! Lmao i think the cloests thing to SAO would be tera online. The rift+oculus=SAO js. At least until an actual game comes out for it.

  • otoolemalcolm007

    SWORD ART ONLIIIINEEEEEEE. Let’s just hope that you can log out. 😉

  • putnomore


  • Vipera217

    let’s hope not only 10000 players can join and there is a log out option 😀

  • TheLischenlotte

    I love you.
    Thank you for all eternity and god bless you!!!!

  • crow1991able


  • DeyanYanev

    if the proect worked like sword art online but i will buy it immediatly 🙂

  • myPanduhs

    When you call someone fat over the internet. I makes you sound like a fool. I only weight 110 pounds, 5’4 ,im in 10th grade and im asian.. I go out to with friends and play basketball with them. I want to go home and relax and kill my time until it gets late at night so i can rest my body . I am sure that u need to calm down when replying to other people.

  • myPanduhs

    This is basically like staring at the game up close and using your body to move your character. I don’t think is a good idea . Wish they would take more time making it. I think us gamers won’t like to stand up and use physical movement .

  • andres castillo

    Sao ;)

  • meshmerah

    i was here from the topic sword art online(SAO)

  • laurent vince

    @vqhqzze i agree one of my top 10 BTW! ive been wasting my time with this game all day have a look its tight –> bit.ly/TH5VWp?=fswub

  • Arijan Azzlack


  • Antmanpoke

    Would you come to Australia?

  • lazyperson125

    hey freddie just a random question from your fan just wondering have you ever played warcraft 3 rein of chaos or warcraft 2 tides of darkness or warcraft 1 for windows 98

  • OneStoopidIDEA

    Turboboostgames ill check your channel if you check mine I do all my effects on my iPod app “enjoy” 🙂

  • Trestrope

    The reason there are less videos is because they are working on VGHS, it would be quite time comsuming.

  • nealnguyenlol

    I’m gonna pledge 250 c:

  • DarkDragofire1

    Donuts awesome

  • TurboBoostGames

    hey can u check my channel (i know this is really low) but we need views,comments,and subscribers. we come out with new gaming videos almost every day

  • Joshua H-D

    Cool yay

  • commenternotfound

    Wasn’t there a video like… 3 videos ago with Freddie as the main character? Why does it matter that Freddie’s the main character as long as it’s goofy, awesome, entertaining to watch, and well-shot?

  • FarSightGaming

    Yeah those videos were amazing but Freddy even said he likes to be behind the camera more, and I personally loved VGHS and still thinks he produces amazing videos and fun to watch stuff even though he’s not the star anymore. I’m just happy to support Freddy because he gets to do what he loves to do and I’m aspiring to do the same. I just started directing music videos for local artists in my city and I’m so excited to follow something I’m passionate about so I guess that’s why:)

  • CodyBridgesTutorials

    filmed from febuary till its finished. then edited and released in july

  • iesneSkniLhsA

    VGHS is on Netflix. I just realized. That’s awesome.

  • Adam Wheeler

    Look I know everyone loves VGHS but seriously you need to end it like us freddiew fans want you to post your weekly videos yeah Ik VGHS got good ratings but we want Freddie to start posting again well more often p.s. I thought VGHS was good.

  • XxOrcristxX

    Hey Freddie and Team, make a Real Life HOTLINE MIAMI video.
    It would Kickass !
    Think about it !

  • jeffarune

    Maybe u guys are busy making vghs but u guys really gotta make some new vid :(

  • coeyeAnimation

    I liked their channel better back when Freddie was the main character in every video, and there was a new goofy video every week on Saturdays.

  • TheYTNameWaster

    I just hope that $600 grand your asking for is put into good use.

  • Jacob Huras

    probably working diligently on VGHS

  • zrokills15

    Is it just me, or does Freddie sort of look like Bobby Lee

  • biscuitlolz

    script, cast and other stuff they have to do before they start filming bro, takes quite a bit of time to make.

  • OGPegasus

    It say’s that they’re starting to film in February, so why not make a video for us in the meantime?

  • overkill2025


  • speedfreak100

    Are u … ok look VGHS 2? it takes Time to make? there busy with it? Maybe They dont have time? -_-“

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