Newsmin – 11/07/12 – OUYA Kickstarter, Steam Greenlight & Source Filmmaker Open Beta!

Mike Gonzalez February 10, 2013 24

A wild Newsmin appears; watch it to see what it’s about! Expand here for links! 😀 In this episode we’re talking about the super successful Ouya Kickstarer, the Steam Greenlight Project and the Source Filmmaker, a few pieces of news I feel everyone out there should at the very least know about. ► General Gaming News ◄ OUYA Kickstarter – Steam Greenlight Coming Soon – Source Filmaker Open To All – ► Lumin Links ◄ ● PayPal Donations – – Aww thanks! ● Lumin’s Steam Wishlist – ● Email Address – ● Twitter – ● Facebook – ● Google+ – Coming Soon! ● Chat Channel – #talesoflumin on
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Castle Story Stuff! - Castle Story Stuff #2 - Kickstarter, Credit Island, Building, etc.

Description (read me.) Episode 2 of my “Castle Story” series, in this episode I give a more in depth discussion about everything mentioned in episode one, this includes information about the kickstarter, Credit Island, building mechanics and the current bricktrons/corruptrons. Castle Story…

  • Alex Tkachev

    all the best guys, wee need something completely different than xbox and ps3 cause i already tired of that crap. i am definitely buying that.

  • Kelpieshawn

    OUYA looks really interesting.

  • MrBiscuitify

    UnEpic would be a cool game to have on steam.

  • nomadchronicles

    Had 2 create a new channel-.-….1st thing i did is subscribe 2 lumin 😀

  • Warfer queque

    StarBounb on steam -3

  • tur7le101

    Really liking these news minutes lumin

  • Sage Cordova

    oh ok thanks 😛

  • TheMurumasaV2

    The game is currently in prototype and there is no way to get it unless you supported it in the kickstarter. You can still follow the games progress using the link in the description. 🙂

  • Sage Cordova

    i really want this game but dont know where to start. help?

  • xxxXADSXxxx


  • TheMurumasaV2

    Guys my nipples are sacred and shall never be revealed.

  • MrDsilve


  • TheTac0


  • MrDsilve

    what the fuck?!

  • Gabirilos

    You can start a walkthrough or just gameplay of a game, that may bring you more subs.

  • TheMurumasaV2

    Thanks bro 🙂

  • blackfang101

    For eventual castle story coverage you get a sub:P

  • TheMurumasaV2

    *facepalm* Fixed with annotations.

  • XDswedenXD

    official CAVE story
    youtube channel?

  • TheMurumasaV2

    Agreed. 🙂

  • notyourmom121

    You need more subs…. >:L

  • MacManGames

    Goal, 80k. Hours after it opens, 500k! LOL

  • TheTac0

    Stevis and james, when you hit 1k subs make a vid where you show us your nipples

  • TheMurumasaV2

    Thanks for the support guys, remember to hit that “Like” button 🙂

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