New Adult Playing Card Game Breaks Ice on Kickstarter

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New Adult Playing Card Game Breaks Ice on Kickstarter

April 15, 2015— A new adult card game brings together psychology, socialization, and swearing in one fun package. Called F**ck. The Game, this playing card game uses The Stroop Effect that causes the brain’s delayed response to a simple question.

F**ck. The Game launches on Kickstarter to raise $7,000 until May 7, with the funds going to the production of the cards. The crowdfunding campaign also aims to promote the game to the crowdfunding community as well as allow backers to preorder their own F**ck. The Game deck.

The playing cards contain a total of 60 cards and three instructional cards, and can be played by as many as 6 players. Each player will be dealt with 10 cards facing down and they are not allowed to shuffle or look at these cards.

Starting from the dealer, each player draws a card from the top of their pile, placing it in the middle while calling out the correct color or word as quickly as possible, according to the game rules. If a player is unable to answer immediately, any of the other players can compete to slap their hands on the played cards. The first one to slap their hands in the middle of the stack will be able to distribute up to 2 cards to any player. The remaining cards are to be picked up by the person who answered incorrectly. The play continues with the dealer moving in a clockwise direction and the player that loses all his cards win.

Basically, the rules of the game are: The cards are made up of different cards with swear words in them, with some cards required to never be said during the game. Instead, players must say the color of the text in the card. If the text is black, the players must say the background color. There are also cards, which allow you to be strategic in your game. If there is a colored text, players must say the word and point at one player who will then pick up all the played cards in the center. If there’s a black text card, the player must say the background.

This card game is simple, challenging, naughty, and fun, which makes it great for parties and get-together, as well as an icebreaker.

By supporting the Kickstarter campaign, backers will be able to get their own F**ck. The Game cards. Higher tier backers will get collector’s edition decks as well as signed copies of these collector’s editions.

To find out more, visit the F**ck. The Game official website.

About F**ck. The Game
F**k. The Game is a brand new card game created by Bela Inkster in Perth Australia. It was conceived in 2014 after watching Stephen Fry’s Planet Word documentary and playing a number of various card games. The initial concept has been tested and reworked to be as fun as possible. We hope you find it as fun as our testers have.

F**ck. The Game

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