My Paint Saint Revolutionizes DIY Painting and Touch Ups as it Splashes on Kickstarter

Mike Gonzalez August 25, 2015 Comments Off on My Paint Saint Revolutionizes DIY Painting and Touch Ups as it Splashes on Kickstarter
My Paint Saint Revolutionizes DIY Painting and Touch Ups as it Splashes on Kickstarter

July 8, 2015— Mark Lacy has always believed that necessity is the mother of invention. That’s why when Lacy was in college and working as a maintenance supervisor of a prestigious hotel, he found painting and retouching as the most challenging part of the job. He sought of a way to make the experience less time consuming and messy. Therefore, he came up with My Paint Saint (MPS), which he launches on Kickstarter.

My Paint Saint debuts on Kickstarter to raise $20,000 from July 1 to August 30, and has now exceeded its goal on its first week. He is seeking funding for MPS on Kickstarter in order to bring his product into market and make MPS a household name for DIYers, hobbyists, professional painters, and everyone else in between.

Lacy shares how he came about with the idea, “I had to find the right paint color, pry open the can and stir the paint, and then—worst of all—clean the brush after the painting was finished. I knew there had to be a better way.” The following years found him working with many prototypes, choosing the best types of bristles, threads for the bottom and tops of canisters, labels, and container material. The result is My Paint Saint, which is the 21st century solution to an age-old problem of uneven marks on the wall or cleaning up messy paint brushes.

“MPS keeps the paint in your home or business looking fantastic year round. It saves time and money,” says Lacy on his Kickstarter campaign. He adds, “What sets MPS apart is that you never have to clean the brush. This saves time. You will not need to keep buying new brushes because old ones were not cleaned properly. This saves money. The paint sealed in the MPS does not oxidize, congeal or change color. This means you can touch up for years and not repaint the whole house. This saves both time and money.”

MPS features a high-quality 1.5-inch x 5-inch thick and long synthetic bristles. It also comes with a disc with drip catching cavity attached to the brush head, making it easy and mess-free to paint high and overhead surfaces. The brush head also comes with a customized clear silicone gasket that seals the pain in the container and keeps the air out, creating a hermetic seal.

Strategically placed inside the opening of the MPS container are two ledges made of thick ABS plastic. This is a convenient way for painters to remove excess paint from the brush and reduce wastage.

Another unique feature of MPS is its top and bottom threads for the closing ring and max fill lines on both sides of the canister. The bottom threads provide a nifty place for storing the closing ring while users are painting, preventing it from being lost or damaged. The top threads, meanwhile, tightly seal the container, keeping the paint within safely stored.

The outside of the container has a rear label with enough writing space for notes and color descriptions for easy identification.

Many bloggers and DIY enthusiasts have expressed their kudos for MPS, including My Soulful Home, Lilacs and Longhorns, Woodberry Designs, Love of Home, Savvy Southern Style, and Eclectically Vintage, to name a few.

To find out more, visit My Paint Saint.

About Mark Lacy
Mark is the inventor of My Paint Saint. During his junior and senior years in high school he worked full time in the paint department of a large hardware chain. This set the stage for him to identify the hassles of touching up painted surfaces. In college, he was the maintenance supervisor of a six-story Inn and Suites Hotel.

In 2002, he began making prototypes of the Paint Saint and using them daily at the hotel. He kept his Paint Saint prototype on his maintenance cart so that anytime he saw a mark on the wall he could touch up in seconds. His hotel received the best maintenance quality control score in the history of the southwest region of the country. He attributes this success in large part to the countless hours Paint Saint saved over the years. Using MPS allowed him to focus on more maintenance issues rather than just cleaning up brushes and messes.

Currently, he works for a company that does manufacturing on an international scale. This gave him a strong background in what it takes to manufacture a product from the ground up and deliver it to customers.

Mark Lacy
My Paint Saint
Telephone: 281-667-1124

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