Markee Dragon Show – Introduction history of the castle – kick a success story (And Awesome Game)

Mike Gonzalez March 13, 2013 24

a great looking game! I can not wait to get into it. Find it at its chain YT here This site pays for these videos. ETC support EVE Online, Guild Wars 2 and Link Realms World of Tanks! As on Facebook Follow me on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

  • TheMrwamster

    When will it be released.

  • darklight436

    I want to play the video again pushed the alpha

  • Zak Strange

    DIRT! FTW!

  • petrini73

    we agree on the basics, but I think the round shape of the institutions makes them quite diffrent Bricktrons. o)

  • nickst0ne

    No copies of lego … this is an open question. The criterion is usually applied before the court “a layman can confuse the two”. As a layman myself on this subject, I would say it is possible. Trademark infringement are very subjective and I can not claim to be a secular standard. they have to be careful.

  • petrini73

    That’s true, but if rectangualar with rounded edges and make a copy of all smartphones on the market a copy. When Volvo Cars could be applied to argue that “shaped box on four wheels” their copyright and all cars for this purpose are copies. Apple claim is false, they lost market share and try to to those who have studied the law récupérerPour is clear that simularites must be much larger because it is a copieLes Bricktrons are no copies of lego, it may be inspired by legos, but this is not allowed.

  • Kenny Yannikos

    How much does it cost to buy? Such important issue. Also, I think I heard something before 17 October. =)

  • nickst0ne

    This is not only the color of faces. It is also a cylindrical shape. And you acknowledge that you think they look alike. It is not necessary to have a complete view to justify the same as a dispute. When the most recent case against Apple Samsung in the United States (regardless of the judgment), holds one of the issues of trademark infringement is rectangular with rounded corners. Whatever other similarities or differences in design.

  • petrini73

    I thought she looked a bit like Legos as well, but it is not close enough to some copyright issues, I think. I mean, there’s only one “face” that reminds lego, no resemblance to the body … it’s not like lego has the property that if a white face yellow …

  • petrini73

    Argh, wish I had heard of it before, I was not involved in the kick, is there a time limit on it? When is beta would begin when purchable?

  • toonami54

    World of Tanks! History … Castle looks promising.

  • nickst0ne

    The yellow figures with their faces are similar (to?) Cylindrical As of LEGO blocks. You might want to rethink the design of the characters, they do not want to deal with certain legal proceedings.

  • Yugithzale

    Cest kind of why this series is so precious, I could only watch and to find new projects would be just good projects, this segment offers a service that require a lot of effort on an individual basis would.

  • TheUncleJonas

    Then this game is for those who like Dwarf Fortress, but basically do not like ASCII graphics.

  • erNomic

    It looks bad ass. I now feel like the original Warcraft for a few years. But I want on my phone or tablet. A new best would be even better

  • HalseyUS

    It’s a bit like Black & White 1 and 2, is the only major difference that I see that it’s not a big story in this game and these guys build anything, a little sad fact, they are so similar

  • mariiolock

    I think it would be nice to have a game exactly, except that you are a small colony from the ground. so you start with a few people, then u harvest food / resources and increase gradually until you have a small village, etc.

  • markeedragon

    I have a link to their YT channel in the description.

  • markeedragon

    Super! I try to understand how I can be notified, every day of the new game project. So far I have not figured out just how to filter this way. If anyone knows how to look at recent projects for video games and displays them in order of most recent first let me know. I could see that this point of view an overview and then you have to look at everything.

  • markeedragon

    Yes, I will do a lot of gameplay video with him. 🙂

  • markeedragon

    I have. This as an issue in my video list This is a very good question /.

  • markeedragon

    It was an audio error. I will add it to the YT channel description.

  • markeedragon

    I agree 100%. But that’s what they have, and it will not stop me from trying it out. “)


    not my game

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