M8 Fitness Comes Out With Reversible Flipside Towels on Kickstarter

Mike Gonzalez April 3, 2015 Comments Off on M8 Fitness Comes Out With Reversible Flipside Towels on Kickstarter
M8 Fitness Comes Out With Reversible Flipside Towels on Kickstarter

March 18, 2015— Three highly driven individuals have re-imagined a new world of fitness towels and apparel.

They have created their company and brand, M8 Fitness, which aims to take what is ordinary and inject it with personality and function, making it perfect for the workout and fitness lifestyle. They have created M8 Fitness Flipside Towel, which they believe will be a new trend in the health and fitness industry.

They have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help bring exposure to Flipside Towels and jump start it to the market. The crowdfunding campaign aims to raise $20,000 by April 4.

Flipside towels are double-sided towels that allows athletes and ordinary people which side is clean and which side isn’t. One of the founders, Billy Nguyen, says, “…Whether the towel is placed on a ground for planks or hung on weight machines, you know that at least one side can be cleanly used to wipe off your sweat while the other side used to absorb any dirt or germs. Our desire is for you to carry your own personality and inspiring quotes around with you in style and in cleanliness.”

M8 Fitness has a vision of promoting healthier lifestyle through motivational fitness apparel. The company wants to attack the problem of obesity in the country, which according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), affects more than one-third of the population. In fact, part of the company’s proceeds from Flipside towels will go to foundations that bring awareness to childhood obesity.

Flipside towels are 41cm in width and 76cm long and have different colors and prints one either side. The differently colored sides contain various motivational phrases or words and they are designed to allow users to distinguish which sides are clean. The towels are slip-resistant, reversible double-colored, and are made of 100% recyclable materials.

According the Nguyen, “We are seeking an initial fund of $20,000 which would allow us to build a solid brand and website as well as use the funds to help market our product at health and fitness expos and around the social media platform.”

Exceeding their campaign goal will also allow them to add more features to the Flipside towels, such as sleek, curved corner designs as well as a built-in magnetic latch to hang the towels. They also plan to include a corner pocket lined with zipper to store personal items like wallet, money, and phones inside Flipside towel.

In return, backers of the campaign will get various customized M8 Fitness merchandise, such as decals, lanyards, stickers, wristbands, hoodies, t-shirts, and Flipside towels. Higher tier backers can also have a Skype chat and video chat with the co-founders as well as exclusive training sessions with IFBB Pro Patrick Fulgham.
To find out more, visit m8fitness.com.

About M8 Fitness
M8 Fitness is a start-up company from San Diego looking to create a niche in the health and fitness industry. Since we’ve all been to the gym, we’ve noticed that many people don’t have the right workout towels nor do they even bring one in. Why not develop many unique towels that can be catered to your own personality? We sought out to design some specific towels with motivational quotes on them to inspire each other to work out even harder. Whether it be a yoga class, lifting weights, cross-training, running, for a cause, for style, or any type of athletic realm, we can promise that you will push yourself harder and wipe off those added sweat. We also saw a need for a cleaner hygienic way of working out. Most people use their towels to lay on, wipe off equipment, or hang on a bench. With our double-colored flipside towels, now you can know which side you can use to wipe off your sweat without worrying about the other side being dirty. Stay motivated, stay healthy, stay clean, and stay styling!

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