Loud and Proud—Frankenspiel’s New Lightweight, Compact Bluetooth Speaker Roars at Kickstarter

Mike Gonzalez April 25, 2014 Comments Off on Loud and Proud—Frankenspiel’s New Lightweight, Compact Bluetooth Speaker Roars at Kickstarter
Loud and Proud—Frankenspiel’s New Lightweight, Compact Bluetooth Speaker Roars at Kickstarter

UPDATED: 04/24/14

April 18, 2014—UK-based Frankenspiel is no stranger to coming up with remarkably impressive speakers. Their first product, the FS-1, a portable USB desktop stereo solution, received the Best Budget Desktop Speaker Award from WhatHiFi. On the heels of this success, Frankenspiel now comes up with another audiophile-on-a-budget dream gadget, the FS-X, and launches it on Kickstarter.

The FS-X is a portable Bluetooth speaker that can work with mobile devices and match them in terms of battery performance, with its 50-hour battery life. On April 3, Frankenspiel launched this product on Kickstarter in order to get their £36,000 goal and still has a few more days to go before the campaign closes on May 5.

The buzz on the FS-X
Experts and reviewers are giving raves on FS-X. Paul White, Editor-in-Chief of Sound On Sound magazine, says, “The FS-X speakers has potential for smaller sound systems both in personal monitoring and for use in conjunction with smaller subwoofer to create a full-range system comprising multiple speakers that can be aimed as appropriate.”

Exploraudio’s Robert Aitchison echoes, “The FS-X powered speakers are not only extremely light and compact but deliver power and clarity of sound that will impress even the most discerning professional musicians.”
The FS-X is a Bluetooth speaker that is on a class of its own. It gives rich, accurate and clean sound, with no distortion even at maximum volume. It can go as loud as 100 decibels without strain, and can be clear enough for the softest of its lowest volume. Its controls are inset at the back, allowing you to instantly go on party mode with the FS-X’s 360-degree total wraparound sound.

The FS-X can also function as a personal monitor when you are composing, arranging or playing music because of its compact and lightweight design. It can double as a true stereo. FS-X is embedded with a stereo chip, allowing you to use 2 FS-Xs together to become Left and Right speakers.

Roaring at Kickstarter

The FS-X passes soundtests and measurements from Deben Acoustics and turned up with successful results. The FS-X comes in black, silver and white. It charges using a micro USB charging cable for 50 minutes, with 50 hours battery life. It Works wirelessly with PC and Mac, tablets, smartphones, MP3 players with Bluetooth, and Kindle Fire HD.

Frankenspiel’s crowdfunding campaign for the FS-X is aimed towards producing FS-X and making it available in the market. Most of the work has been done already, which includes pre-production tests, assembly flow simulation, production molds and electronic boards. The proceeds of the Kickstarter effort would go to CE & FCC certification revisions of the User Interface software for the single-button controls and the automatic operation of the 3.5mm line-in. Frankenspiel hopes that through the crowdfund, they can start and optimize full-on production and operation.

In return, backers would get the chance to get their hands on a limited-edition FS-X in champagne gold, or a pair of FS-X in your choice of color, as well as many other perks.

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