London’s Jeviga Bags Launches Fine Leather Line on Kickstarter

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London’s Jeviga Bags Launches Fine Leather Line on Kickstarter

August 31, 2015— A bag can make a statement. It can make or break your outfit, as well as create the impression you need wherever you go.

Jevgenija Sarbas, founder and creator of Jeviga, have created a line of classic, elegant, and high-quality bags that are made of the finest full-grain leather. Sarbas unveils his line on Kickstarter in order to raise £10,000 and bring the bags into full production.

Jeviga bags are for people who appreciate quality and fashion in the most sophisticated and simplest sense,” shares the UK-based entrepreneur. “These are customers who have an eye for quality and know that simple and high quality fashion is the one that defines sophistication and class. Jeviga leather bags ensure that our customers get exactly what they want.”

According to Sarbas, Jeviga was conceived not as a business product, but as something that he wanted to create for himself. However, the bag drew a lot of attention from his friends and from other people, which led him to create more pieces and design more bags. Now, with the help of the Kickstarter campaign, he hopes to be able to go into full-production as well as increase awareness and get preorders for the bags from the crowdfunding community.

The bags are made from the finest materials, such as full-grain cowhide leather imported from Italy, high-quality YKK zippers, nickel-plated hardware and accents, and polyester thread. According to Sarbas, apart from high-quality handpicked materials, the bags themselves stand out because of their elegant yet simple design. It combines form and function, with a sophisticated design that looks expensive, yet durable, with every stitch and piece of leather set to provide functionality and ease of use for today’s consumers.

“For those who like to make statements and express their posh personality through what products they use, their best bag of choice can be Jeviga, as it suits their style immaculately,” adds Sarbas. The collection is composed of a satchel, briefcase, duffel bag, messenger bag, with a pen case specially designed for the Kickstarter campaign. These bags are intended for people of all ages, from teens to seniors, whatever their occupations are. Whether they are students, teachers, professionals, or business owners as well, they can find a Jeviga bag for any occasion. “They are quite fun to match and pair with your favorite outfits or integrate with any new look you’re going for. Make these bags look professional, classy, chic, fun, trendy, or sophisticated – it’s all up to you,” furthers the bag designer.

Jeviga has prepared different pledge rewards for backers of the Kickstarter campaign, such as the satchels, briefcases, duffel bags, and messenger bags. Some backers with higher contributions will receive the exclusive pen case along with their choice of bags per pledge level, while the highest contributions will find themselves with a complete set of Jeviga bags.

To find out more, visit Jeviga.

About Jeviga
Jeviga is a London-based product design company that designs and manufactures creative leather products.
With tons of products out there in the market, our aim is to provide you with top quality products which are practical. Each product is individually chosen by our team, tested extensively and perfected by our manufacturers.

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