LIVE: Defense Grid childbirth Kickstarter Completed – The success of the video game!

Mike Gonzalez March 19, 2013 16

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  • grimsonfart

    People, if you want constant action gameplay DONT watching his videos. You are an adult I would croud dedicated

  • ITPalGame

    The plaintiffs are asking about the killing player and GM: You know, not that PvP only occurs in the volcanic zone true?

  • ITPalGame

    GM comments 1 hour 26 minutes: you have no trouble with the technology or license communication.La modified so that it has been changed to a different engine. I do not know why Markee said something about the communication.Les developers and producers are all talk on the forum all the time.

  • drmurda

    I Unsub-Taking a page politiques.Nous parties only. “That you have never, to my knowledge,” to see you are killed in the game and make us laugh, not the agenda

  • skills72

    I’m a fan of tower defense and I really enjoyed this interview:]

  • Sw3nssoN

    Wow this guy was really cool: 3

  • Anddosdd

    dosent want his face on the internet, it’s because he’s a demon?

  • Anddosdd

    You do not ask this guy if he plays and what he thinks about warz

  • Bahcorp

    Great interview, thank you.

  • Zerax01

    Dont stress over 13 years old 🙂

  • TheMintyXD

    25:40 for the early guys live stream.

  • bjhanish

    It’s called editing. Go Markee ….

  • Zerlono1

    You know lift at all?

  • VectorSkies

    @ ITPalGame note, thank you.

  • JonnyOnPC1080p

    Do not listen to Markee your videos are amazing, I especially like the comments. keep it up! Markee team 🙂

  • paul1983190

    begins 25:44

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