Limitless Lighting: Modular Macro Photography Lighting Device, Adaptalux, Debuts on Kickstarter

Mike Gonzalez April 19, 2015 2
Limitless Lighting: Modular Macro Photography Lighting Device, Adaptalux, Debuts on Kickstarter

UPDATED: 03/27/15

March 12, 2015— Amateur and professional photographers alike will be focusing on the next big thing in the photography industry to hit Kickstarter—Adaptalux.

Samuel Granger, creator of Adaptalux, shares his experience, “As I learnt macro photography, I found that lighting is challenging to learn and it can also be cumbersome and expensive. Without good lighting it is very hard to produce a good macro photograph. I tried all sorts of lighting equipment ‘designed’ for close up shooting, however they all shared similar problems so I eventually resorted to a DIY lighting set-up, which was not ideal.”

Granger has created Adaptalux to solve this problem while combining simplicity with functionality. His prototype is complete and he aims to seek help from Kickstarter’s crowdfunding community to raise £100,000.

Adaptalux is a patent-pending adaptable, portable, miniature lighting studio that gives total lighting control back to the user, allowing them to create unlimited lighting environments without the need for additional lighting equipment. It is perfectly designed for macro photography, which needs great detail when it comes to light and shadows.

At the heart of Adaptalux’s innovative technology is its modular design. This allows users to build the lighting environment and customize it to create the lighting effect that is needed for any photography project.
Granger says, “By utilising an innovative program that detects how many Lighting Arms are connected, the Control Pod digitally pulses the LED’s independently to each other at 4 million times a second. This gives very accurate brightness control whilst retaining a long battery life.”

“Adaptalux provides light in a continuous form with its super bright LED’s. This allows for constant direct visual feedback of how the lighting is effecting the subject, allowing for quick and precise changes to be made when needed. It also makes macro videography accessible for everyone,” the macro photography enthusiast adds.

Adaptalux has a Control Pod, which is the command center. It controls all the electrical aspect of the lighting environment using a patent-pending magnetic connector design and its unique intelligent software. It also has Lighting Arms that contain bright light for high shutter speed shooting. Adaptalux Effect Components expand the device’s lighting capabilities, which include various lighting effects and colors (white, blue, red, green, and amber). It has a set of diffusers, color filters, lighting stage, stabilizer, and backdrop setter.

Adaptalux allows users to easily create limitless lighting environments by providing features that control:
Number of light sources
Light source brightness
Beam angle control
Light source colors
Light source direction
Studio backdrops
Subject placement
Diffusion control
Floor illumination

In addition to these features, Adaptalux is also designed to be used anywhere, whether in conjunction with a camera using a cold shoe connector, or separate from the camera in an outdoor setup.

Adaptalux comes with a rechargeable built-in battery that has 2.5 hour battery life. It can be connected to a power source through its USB wall charger or via computer.

Granger is also planning to include a companion smartphone app for the Adaptalux lighting device, as well as laser lighting effects to add to the current features of their prototype.

In order to truly bring Adaptalux to market, Granger hopes that the Kickstarter campaign will help him fund the mass production of the device. The funds will go to tooling and raw materials necessary for their first production run.
Backers of the campaign will get Adaptalux packs with varying accessories, as well as the Beta Tester perk that includes the Ultimate Pack. Other backers can also receive custom Control Point in backers’ choice of colors.

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About Adaptalux
Adaptalux is a brand new innovative product that emulates studio lighting conditions for macro photography, macro videography and product photography. Take full control of your lighting environment with no limitations in a creative and adaptive style.

About Samuel Granger
Sam has a Bachelor of Science in Product Design, with honors from Bournemouth University. He has been passionate about designing since a young age and often uses photographs he captures as a source of inspiration. Business is also a keen interest of his, aspiring to create his own company that is based around product design.

Sam gained engineering and manufacturing experience through Celestion. He is also a keen photographer since a young age, with a strong interest in macro photography.

He is the creator, product designer, and co-owner of Adaptalux.


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