KiiTAG 2 Unveils on Kickstarter as the Digital Swiss Army Knife

Mike Gonzalez February 21, 2015 Comments Off on KiiTAG 2 Unveils on Kickstarter as the Digital Swiss Army Knife
KiiTAG 2 Unveils on Kickstarter as the Digital Swiss Army Knife

January 28, 2015— It’s the Swiss Knife of the digital age.

Days after it first launched its Kickstarter campaign, LifenSoul, creator of KiiTAG 2, has exceeded its campaign goal of $20,000.

KiiTAG 2 is based on the concept of a digital Swiss Army Knife in the sense that KiiTAG 2 offers multiple functionality for many mobile and smart devices in one ultra-sleek, pocket-sized, compact solution. Its unique and innovative design has earned it a 2015 CES Best of Innovations honor, as well a multiple press mentions.

KiiTAG 2 works with a companion app and is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows devices. Its features include:

• Powerbank – It charges smartphones on-the-go, allowing up to extra two hours of usage
• Memory Flash Drive – It provides extra storage for photo, music and video
• USB connection – It has built-in USB and micro USB and Lightening ports to easily charge and connect devices
• Flashlight – it has a birght LED flashlight handy for any occasion or emergency
• Shortcut buttons – It has functions that connect to mobile devices for taking a selfie, sending messages, playing sound effects, making a fake call, and many more
• Key finder – Locates keys in a range of up to 200 feet through the device or through other KiiTAG 2s in the community

One of the standout features of KiiTAG 2 is its shortcut functionality that allows users to program up to four functions through the shortcut keys. The two shortcut keys have two functions each, making it sleek, compact, and highly ergonomic.

The Key Finder and Community Search tools work together to allow users to search for items more than 200 feet away. “Simply report lost items through the KiiTAG 2 app. We can open up your KiiTAG 2 network and if anyone in the KiiTAG 2 community is close to your belongings, we will get an alert. Your belongings will be back with you before you know it!” says Ronny Tsai, Life n Soul Founder.

Meanwhile, the KiiTAG 2 app is free to download and allows users to extend and optimize all the KiiTAG 2 features. The shortcut keys can be set using the app, as well as use the other unique functions of this digital Swiss Army knife.

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