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Mike Gonzalez March 24, 2013 13

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by 10/05/12: In May Kristoff Krane 22nd Release of her fourth studio album, “raging” FREE Download of digital recordings Crush Kill. CD will also be available, and there is a release party Saturday 26 May at Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis, MN. Triple Rock Tickets: official: Facebook: Bandcamp:
Video Rating: 5/5

  • Raz Diaz

    What is the name of the track at the end?

  • RheologicalMusic

    who said anything about an accident …

  • broke51r

    So wait … is it free?

  • Charvey888

    Sick beat!

  • IDead SiriusI

    My favorite singer haha

  • RyanGiggsOBE

    If I lived in the U.S. I would love to be there.

  • RyanGiggsOBE

    Seriously can not wait for this album. what style is, it is amazing. HFF is still playing at my open 24/7. Artist Inspiration

  • AutumnNotTaken

    Congratulations Chris! Murdoc

  • RheologicalMusic

    Properties dope on the album! waaaaait not!

  • oLLy2o10


  • SugarFreeRecordsUK

    I love everything you do, man, but I was hoping that would be the answer, I had a craving for a help TWWFN that should .. I’m looking forward, I’m going to share … but I love Chris .. Muchos


    More info on the side hip-hop.

  • SugarFreeRecordsUK

    Will it be a very “hip hop” album, or some acoustic songs and other things?

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