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Mike Gonzalez March 9, 2013 20 Click here to watch the previous episode of Inside Gaming daily and Kickstarter fundraising NextGen game – within normal cat 01/12/12 This week our editorial, we creator Chris Roberts ‘Wing Commander’ and the driving force behind the most successful video game by the amount financed “Citizen Star.” How to finance your play How How duel quantity sources in space —————— ——————- THE MACHINIMA SERIES Best high quality, GO TO: FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY , go to: FOR MORE SPORTS GAME, GO TO FOR MORE MMO & www RPG gameplay to go. for more competitive games go to: FOR MORE EVENTS AND SHORTS, GO TO: FOR MORE TRAILERS, GO TO: FOR YOU WANT TO AFFILIATE MACHINIMA filling out an application form HERE: Link:
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Many entrepreneurs start

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Video Rating: 4/5

  • Intelli Perspect

    I suggest every citizen Subscribe stars, it is an incredible game. You can subscribe to get your hands on a digital booklet that. Issue a monthly all access robert space industries and states that jump point and its amazing the amount of work they put in to get it The more people to support this project, it is above all, it is an extraordinary epic match.

  • Intelli Perspect

    I had three Xbox’s “who came to the red ring of death, so I ended up switching to the PS3 a year ago. But mostly I have always loved the PC. Consoles I’m definitely falling stars Citizen


    Also more likely to mod the steam box and therefore would any other game consoles dull and boring


    Steam sales guy they compensate for this game up to 75% discount, as every time the steam, there are always going to sell, and Microsoft and Sony are trying to shit to sell 2 games for 60 years of dollars – $ 40, if you could only go to the store and cheaper

  • dfe fdsa

    its got almost nothing to do with hardware and almost everything to do with gaming. there are some games that will never be room for consoles, and vice versa, and consoles are generally cheaper and easier for non-tech-inclined, and I will not “fanboy” accusations I heard beceause the two.

  • dfe fdsa

    Console, PC fan of both, Hace admit that the steam box is a bit pointless. If you play PC, there is no purchase of steam box (except in the unlikely event, and they take steam baths and steam fan base is full) If you play your console while not missing a majority of the steam only games. In all honesty, this is “console” useless console games and compete waste of money for PC gamers. it has no public.

  • killr3333

    @ SwesishTimje want on their PC games that come too late, because the graphics card are u good sivanne could console to play games u got steam to your account

  • EokaeLoki

    good question. so my analogy is not easy. that simple?

  • JD Marshall

    And if you play console and PC? (And yes fanboy for years, reading this, people can play both console and PC, and continue to live a happy life)

  • satanicmethuser666

    This t-shirt is pretty damn dethklok Riddick who did it?

  • Thiagot1Habbo

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  • Fusionprogamer

    Bro bad comparison … It seems to me that your bias is to be there just my opinion.

  • EokaeLoki

    I have to say this. The analogy of the PC gaming console game is against Be agnostic / vs science, being religious. PC hardware is often, as in scientific research (such as we have before, that the universe is essentially made up of atoms, and its evil things to “present”) updated while the game console, it is updated from time long to time. .. as a new alliance for the Bible? just my 2cents

  • Eirik Arnesen

    Sky is the limit … Space

  • tobsmonster2

    They sound like a condescending prick.

  • MegaxXSlayerXx


  • LandFallTV

    I think he means that it creates

  • Bradinator519

    Laughed my ass off at the end. Billy tries to get a word in, and just keep making continuous XD In the last frame of the video, it will just sit there to swear,

  • Spencer Jackson

    Do they spend the whole time talking about kick-starter? They have details about this game?

  • brett Lemos

    check my project Lemosle kick board, finance, cd our rock! hear some of the material on youtube com / bretfrett

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