Kickstarter & Comic Books – How the Kickstarter Project is Changing Comics

Mike Gonzalez February 25, 2013 23

Kickstarter is changing the world of the comic book! One of the very first successful comic book Kickstarter projects, Reading With Pictures, is back again with another Kickstarter project! Josh Elder talks to host Grace Randolph about how Kickstarter has helped his comic book anthology and the influence its having on comics. Plus in this video learn all about Reading With Pictures, an initiative to get comic books into the classroom with the help of stories like Action Presidents from the team behind Action Philosophers! Think About The Ink is presented by Bleeding Cool. Donate today! Campaign ends on May 17th –
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  • MySuperdoc

    At my school in England we have things like that but they’re more like large comic strips

  • MadmanofMagic

    I just ran a successful Kickstarter campaign, but I have extended the goals. Has/does anyone else have any advice on running a successful campaign?

  • MouldPlay

    Wannabe version of Horrible History, just saying.

  • Chris Sweetwood

    I’ve never really understood why comic book fans want to be taken so seriously and make graphic novels a part of education. I am an avid comic reader but I don’t see how (At their current state) they will ever be taken seriously either as an art form or a educational tool. Now I’m not saying that all comics are this way there are a few exceptions, but will we look back and see a Shakespeare of comics? Or how about a Tarantino? comic have to start taking themselves seriously so others can too…

  • Robchappell88

    Just seen this went to there kickstarter and they got funded so yay

  • Nightwing22

    Grace I was told that you would not be able to establish your own successful comic book without having a well known name. Like if you worked for Dc or Marvel and your recognized that’s when you can branch off on your own. Is this true?

  • Jonathan Abraham

    I Love This Channel!

  • HollywoodSuits

    Yes! Bane will be this coming Friday, then Alan and I will start up with more Comics to Movies episodes in June! Glad you’re enjoying them, as well as these different episodes!
    – Grace

  • kakorol454

    Hey Grace,
    I was wondering if you were still going to do a comics to movies episode of Bane and the Lizard.
    I also really like how you have these live chats now on your show. It’s a fresh new change and I like it.

  • KagamiYoshimiza

    Hey! you should talk about Marceline from Adventure Time’s new comic coming out Marceline And The Scream Queens.

  • NerdyMarvelComicGirl

    Grace is this funny because im a college student and for my disortation I was wanting to creat a compic book much like what Read With Pictures is doing! Being a history major I thought it would be cool to do comic books about history because most people think history is snooze fest but I am on board with what Read With Pictures is doing but I was wondering how can one help creat such comic books?

  • Pawel Janik

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  • THINKAboutTheINK

    You can get their via their website that’s onscreen, but good idea – I’ll add it!
    – Grace

  • THINKAboutTheINK

    Hehe – thanks! I got it at Uniqlo!
    – Grace

  • LoloBear7

    I’ve seen a colored manga covering the life of Ghandi. I think comic textbooks are a good idea for kids to become more interested in certain subjects.

  • harial

    Grace, you forgot a link to their kickstarter in the description. :)

  • MrBrysonification

    ….That’s what Watchmen is for….but still a very cool cause! If I can I will defiantly donate!

  • screambloodymurder9

    think you should do a reaction to season 2 of young justice i want to see what you think thanks

  • HonkyTonkBuffalo

    Awesome! Getting kids to read, learn, and introducing them to comics, all at the same time? That’s amazing. Good luck with your endeavor!! 😀

  • ChristieLily35

    Grace, that is an awesome shirt! I kind of want it.

  • TheHawthorneAbendsen

    Damn girl. You lookin’ particularly attractive today.

  • Edward Hippisley-Cox

    kind of reminds me of what the Horrible History books did.

  • Edward Hippisley-Cox

    Kick Starter seems to be changing a lot of things.
    Power to the creators and consumers. Makes me look forward to the future, especially for me as I hope to be an independent animator.
    Hope this catches on too. Sounds awesome.

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