Kickstarter: 3 Reasons to raise funds first.

Mike Gonzalez March 22, 2013 14


is a battlefield. I remember. My father, running a youth center – we have no money in schools and churches and grants we have managed to land the result of my father enslavement until the early hours of the morning – typing, swearing, wrinkles .. . We went door to door, we had a turnover of art, we started a community theater and gigs to conferences and festivals … We have worked hard to keep this place open it. Me, my family and children, a place to paint and listen to Nirvana loved after school. http Well, … about 13 years, folded, but the memories are still fresh in my mind, and I wonder if it would still be possible if we had at the time Kickstarter Whatever your dream, your goal – chances with a little creativity, you can get the money you need to kick start. is more than just a platform for crowdfunding is a thriving community of makers, doers and donors. http I’ll give you three good reasons Kickstarter before slaving to start a mailing, canvassing neighborhood or writing a single grant … Kickstarter Benefit # 1 Emergency. Funded Kickstarter project only if you raise the required amount, the time that you specify, so if you want 00 increase on Kickstarter, know your donors that do not slow it down – they must immediately or risk trade will cost you your


Kickstarter: Hello! I’m working on a new feature work and I try to raise funds through Kickstarter production. The movie is about an assassin who is sent on a mission, and as part of this mission against a magical statue that eventually turn into a teenager. From there, he must deal with his new body, while on his last mission, a mission especially difficult to complete because it is now 4’11 “. A promise is essentially a copy before buying DVD now, but other incentives available stand.
Video Rating: 4/5

  • RdDrfjames

    Not an appointment for you at the moment, but I intend to have them by or before March next year. I work every day! 🙂

  • tjcucuzza97

    What is the movie out?

  • RdDrfjames

    We actually finished our shooting, and I’m changing. We must go back and have to do with photography b-roll, but it’s really come along. I do not know if I’m a trailer ready to do a lot of work, before I can start compiling one. Months, probably a little out. 🙂

  • RdDrfjames

    Thank you! I just saw your comment, sorry for the late reply. 🙂 The movie is really getting together!

  • solidsnake58

    Hows the filming going on? There soon will be a follower?

  • ChrisTyIsMe

    I love what you do, and I am happy to see me, your film!

  • RdDrfjames

    Absolutely! I just got so busy the film, I have not had time to do anything else. But I would like everyone to update what happened!

  • venomy81

    Video update soon?

  • RdDrfjames

    I do not know until it’s done, but I say it will be between one hour and twenty minutes to one hour and 30 minutes. But as I said, I do not know until everything is finished.

  • Filmslammer

    How long is the film?

  • RdDrfjames

    No, unfortunately not. This is a feature very similar to identity theft. I have involved a hugh cast and crew, about 50 people or more at this point in the project. This project will be the biggest and best I’ve ever worked with.

  • TheSquarepantz

    Is that the Hitman be free, please

  • RdDrfjames

    This is a film that I am free itself so no plans to put it on YouTube, but I’ll do it for trailer when the film was finished.

  • keontaecanada

    when will this movie on youtube

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