JET VEST Kickstarter Funding Program Nov – Dec 2012

Mike Gonzalez April 12, 2013 3

Help us out to Design, construct, test, & fly the “Next Generation” flying belt using certified micro jet-turbine engines with safe fuel. Full details at
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Join the fan-funded movement with the new Kristin Diable: 10 out of 10 project! Check it out HERE: Help write, record & pre-produce the next record with New Orleans recording artist Kristin Diable & receive all sorts of exclusives for your support. Free MP3 downloads available here: If you’re not already familiar with the music, feel free check out some free downloads HERE. There’s also more on FACEBOOK, MYSPACE, and I have a whole bunch of new songs in the ether, ready to make their way out to YOU. I want you to be a part of creating the next record, from demoing the songs, to choosing which ones are selected for the record. I want to share the whole experience with you and bring you on board for the demoing process that occurs before we hit the final studio. We will make an exclusive release available ONLY to KICKSTARTER funders of this material. Our proposal: KD will write & record 10 songs in the next 10 weeks (yes, that’s a song a week!). What do we need to make this happen? Time & money. In exchange for your funding, we are offering all sorts of exclusives available only to those who participate in this project. We’re excited to be able to connect with YOU in such an immediate & intimate way. The days of a traditional record label funding such projects is long over. With this new fan-funded model, the power & process stay in the hands of the people who care about it most: the fans who love the music & the
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  • johntheactor

    Overall design of the vest looks like it could have a lot of potential if combined with one of Yves Rossy’s jet wings, at least looking at his long term goal of wanting to accomplish powered landing with one. His engines are vastly inferior in terms of thrust per unit, if the numbers I am looking at are correct. I guess that it’s an idle pipe dream on my part though.

    Best of wishes on the Kickstarter.

  • Kelli Townsend

    Frankie, me and my friends just discovered you. we love you

  • tha2hander

    Corporate whore. Congrat’s.

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