Italian Design Meets Japanese Denim in Men’s Jeans Line, Believe in Denim—Now on Kickstarter

Mike Gonzalez April 10, 2015 Comments Off on Italian Design Meets Japanese Denim in Men’s Jeans Line, Believe in Denim—Now on Kickstarter
Italian Design Meets Japanese Denim in Men’s Jeans Line, Believe in Denim—Now on Kickstarter

UPDATED: 04/02/15

March 12, 2015— Although selvedge denim is well-known for its premium quality, not all selvedge denim is made equal. Many denimheads would say that the crème de la crème in denim comes from vintage Japanese looms that give the fabric a more interesting texture that wears well over time.

This in mind, fashion student and denim jeans aficionado Ludovico Tessari has designed a high-quality denim jeans line for men. “My passion for apparel in general addressed me to create a cooler pair of jeans. With a strong vision and remarkable Italian design sense, I revisited every stitch of these jeans to guarantee the highest quality, and to make them unique.”

In order to make his company, Believe in Denim, go to the next level and make his men’s denim line happen, Tessari has created a Kickstarter campaign. The crowdfunding effort aims to raise £15,000 until April 11.

Believe in Denim combines Italian craftsmanship with the best in Japanese selvedge denim to create premium men’s jeans that only get better the more it’s worn. The jeans feature reinforced back pockets, selvedge side seams, tucked belt loops, and reinforced vertical pockets. “We changed the front pockets, to be more comfortable and practical. They are now vertical, and actually cooler!” the London-based Fashion student says. The jeans also has a unique elastic pocket feature that snugly fits mobile phones, cards, and money safely and comfortably.

Believe in Denim men’s jeans comes in two colors, blue and dark grey. It also comes in Slim Fit and Classic Fit, as well as in waist sizes ranging from 29 inches to 44 inches. The jeans can be worn for casual wear and for dressy, more formal events.

Tessari affirms that their jeans are at the best price compared to other jeans with similar quality, “As we are few people working full-time on this project, we were able to eliminate waste in our supply chain in order to offer you the best price for a premium pair of jeans like this.”

The Kickstarter campaign will be serve as Tessari’s platform to presell the jeans. He says, “If you want to order our jeans, you just need to click Back This Project. You will choose your favorite denim color, fit, and size when it comes time to order after the funding period closes.” Customer surveys will be given to each backer after the campaign closes.

Backers can get their own Believe in Denim jeans for as low as £40, as part of the Super Early Bird package that is limited to 20 pairs. Other perks include handwritten ‘Thank You’ notes from Tessari himself, as well as custom-tailored Japanese selvedge jeans.

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About Ludovico Tessari
Ludovico is a London-based student of Fashion. Born in Italy, he has always been passionate about fashion, style, and apparel in general. He founded Believe in Denim and describes himself as an entrepreneur and dreamer.

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