IGN News – Ouya Kickstarter Ends Big

Mike Gonzalez January 16, 2013 24

IGN News: Ouya Kickstarter Ends Big Ouya’s Kickstarter funding campaign closed earlier this morning, with the project successfully having received 96475 worth of funding from 63416 backers. Subscribe to IGN’s channel for reviews, news, and all things gaming: www.youtube.com TAGS: ouya kickstarter “android controller” “ouya funding” news “breaking news” onlive xbmc tunein iheartradio “i heart radio” “final fantasy iii” ffiii “square enix” square namco “namco bandai” tekken “ridge racer” “pac man” pacman galaga “human element” “robert bowling” console hardware ign ignentertainment games gaming “video games” gameplay hd official 2012 “video game”

I’m Jeff Lafferty, I am an animator and artist. I’m trying to fund my stop-motion, animated movie called Curse of the Wolfs Heart – kck.st I’m trying to raise 00 by Feburary 23rd, 2010 My goal is to use the money to work for six moths exclusively on the movie and produce four, 3 to 5 minute web-episodes. I’m giving away a lot of cool concept art and movie props, along with signed copies of the DVD in exchange for pledges. If your interested check us out at KICKSTARTER – kck.st – or visit my website at www.CurseOfTheWolfsHeart.com Music for this video was provided courtesy of Mevio’s Music Alley Edie – Instrumental Sefiros – Tainted Orchestral Version Check them out at music.mevio.com Please help me promote this video – rate, comment & subscribe www.CurseOfTheWolfsHeart.com
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  • TechTalkGame

    I wasn’t one of the backers, but I am sure pre-ordering it! It looks amazing, and i think it has a lot of potential!

  • kodokijo4

    It’s about time the gaming industry took this course. Game console wars deserves a freedom that ouya provides. Good luck ouya. I hope you revolutionize the gaming industry that leans on more on gamers than money grabbing corporate.

  • FattyInACan

    i wasn’t one of the backers but it looks fucking awesome!

  • John Vaught II

    No I use it main OS because it’s free, stable, much more secure and free of viruses and all of the software I use is cross platform anyways. I also find it more fulfilling since it’s been a learning experience and and since i’ve been using the platform for several years now have seen it getting more popular as time goes on. I use Ubuntu which is the most popular linux distro. I’ve tried several other distro’s as well but i prefer the Debian / Ubuntu branch.

  • TizzyT455

    Hmm I know few people on linux distros and even fewer who use them for normal purposes. Most of the linux users I know are either developers or heading into developing. Do you fit into such a category 🙂 ?

  • John Vaught II

    I have a windows licensing disc for XP, Vista, and 7. I just don’t like using windows. I quit dual booting over a year ago because the only time i’d boot to windows would be to play an old PC game…which would happen maybe once a year tops…I’m just a console gamer like that i suppose.

  • TizzyT455

    dual booting might be an option for you lol. And if you don’t have $ for windows, /me goes to the shore line and looks over at the bay.

  • John Vaught II

    also i dont use windows, i use linux so i still wont be playing any AAA titles unless I use OnLive or another streaming service or until Steam’s linux port is finished.

  • John Vaught II

    I could, but I don’t want to spend all that $ on a computer then have to upgrade it with new parts every few years. It’s a hassle for me, I work on computers for a living and by the time i get home i’m done. I don’t even use a computer anymore when I’m not at work. I use my Nexus 4 phone or my Nexus 7 tablet. Plus i’d have to map all the controls for games i play to a controller because i don’t like mouse and keyboard gaming. not because i can’t do it, i can no problem, i just dont prefer it.

  • dancinghoboman

    Get a gaming PC.

  • yoshipikminghost

    Great, now we’ll have ouya fanboys… ugh…

  • John Vaught II

    at any rate I’m completely fed up with paying $60 for any title. Even at $20 i find myself hesitant to buy a new game.

  • John Vaught II

    @ImTheBlackJesus dishonored looks cool but it’s not something I’m into and the only other game that interested me was AC3 which I’ve beat and i liked it but i found it like most current s to be more watered down than its predecessors. Not unlike Skyrim, which i lovr, but it seems AAA games keep appealing more to casuals

  • dancinghoboman

    I don’t know why they’re using Tegra 3 either it’s terrible.

  • ImTheBlackJesus

    You must be living under a rock if you think we only get 5 good games each year that are “linear and mundane”.

    Just to name a few of the games we’ve gotten this year which directly contradict your statement: The Walking Dead, Dragon’s Dogma, Max Payne 3, Binary Domain, Trials Evolution, Darksiders 2, Forza Horizon, Dishonored, Fez, Assassin’s Creed III etc.

  • John Vaught II

    If you wanna see what the system is capable of check this video out called “Nvidia Tegra 3: Amazing Gaming 2012”. It’s the same hardware the Ouya will be running. Actually the Ouya should be a little more powerful than the hardware here.

  • John Vaught II

    There are a lot of Android games that already work with controllers, and a lot of developers who are already porting some of their titles to the platform…the Nexus 7 (which i do most of my gaming on now) cost more to make because of it having a touch screen, battery, and other parts that the Ouya won’t have. Ouya’s controller will have a touch pad built in for some games that still need a bit of touch control.

  • John Vaught II

    AAA Titles? We’re lucky to get 5 good games a year and every time they just keep getting and more and more linear and mundane…and they’re still $60…fuck that. This is why my Xbox 360 is a glorified DVD player now. Besides since it will have OnLive you’ll be able to play tons of “AAA” titles on the Ouya provided you have a high speed internet connection.

  • John Vaught II

    1.5 – 1.7 GHz (not sure exactly) quad core Nvidia Tegra 3. 1GB RAM, 8GB internal memory, Originally planned to be built on Android 4.0 but they’ve since upgraded it to 4.1 😀

  • Sangeet Prabhaker

    Best of luck Jeff!! Thanks for subscribing to my chanel

  • Jeff Lafferty

    Thanks I appreciate it!

  • Sahoniwaya

    I’ve been a fan of yours for a while I may not have the money but I’d love to spread the word as best I can. I’ve always been a fan of stop motion.

  • freestyledancegirl

    love your art! very cool….my sister has a blog and simply posted a donate button through paypal…she wasn’t even raising money for a specific thing and she has done quite well with it. maybe you could try that? good luck!

  • WatergazerRed

    I’m loving your work. I hope your project gets over-funded. I’m a fellow Kickstarter and I know the work that goes in to starting one up, as well as the work involved in self-producing a stop-motion project like yours. You have your work cut out for you! I just hope you can succeed and get cracking!

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