IGN News – Oculus Rift Launches on Kickstarter

Mike Gonzalez February 8, 2013 28

John Carmack has voiced his support for the Oculus Rift, a new virtual reality headset that has already obtained all its target funding. Subscribe to IGN’s channel for reviews, news, and all things gaming: www.youtube.com TAGS: oculus rift “oculus rift” kickstarter kick starter “kick starter”…
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Danny details how you can help Double Fine bring back adventure games and we take a look at the divided public opinion surrounding the PlayStation Vita. Watch more Start/Select – bit.ly Watch more Appetite for Distraction – bit.ly Like us on Facebook – www.facebook.com Follow us on Twitter – twitter.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  • BizkayneBatman

    is that a armenian sticker in the back?

  • Ph0be

    Needs Mirrors Edge, Fallout, and Skyrim

  • PokemonBiggestFan95

    i know right 🙂 cant wait to get it!!!!!

  • Abdulaziz AL Dhaheri

    na It”ll cause securesO_O

  • Abdulaziz AL Dhaheri

    I can sense the Nerve Gear “SOA FANS”

  • macintosh39

    ON LSD

  • Paul Koning

    Just a few years till Sword Art Online!!!!! Fuck yea D::D:D:D:D

  • San4eZz555

    За подобными технологиями будущее. 3D вскоре вытеснит обычные мониторы, и лично я потратил деньги на подобный девайс, будь на нём много игр. Стоит рассматривать такой жанр как ММОРПГ как самый актуальный. Для данного жанра игр очень не хватает погружения. Надеюсь эти компьютеры быстро захватят лидерство на рынках, а затем уже технологии полного погружения вытеснят их. Вот тогда мы сможем сказать, что произошол новый скачёк, который когда-то вытеснил 8-ми битные приставки с домов пользователей.

  • whitestar111

    .Hack//sign Shutters in excitement with the idea

  • Capyvaraepg

    It has to come with a toilet inbuilt. Or diapers. Anyway, you got my point.

  • yukio567

    NERVE GEAR in just a few years OAO

  • Plusimurfriend

    yet so far… dont worry my friend i will buy the DEV kit soon. THERE WILL BE SAO LIKE GAME U JUST WAIT

  • amazingjackJF

    Omg apple corrected some of the words I just typed lol. Tex HIV car beef

  • amazingjackJF

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  • hi4adam


  • fredy rauda


  • Nathan Oles

    yeah. it’s like do you think i’m going to be recording video and taking pictures in crappy quality when my phone takes beautiful pictures and videos? like what are you retarded or something?

  • NeyRad

    I did the same thinking and got the same answer lol

  • hodynohandle1

    Doublefine have higher donation spots at the doublefine website

  • ImperialEarthEmpire

    no… dont cut your hair…

  • juanfdo82465

    just like every other phone there’s even with quad core and they are getting pretty close to the vita graphics

  • Nathan Oles

    i have a phone with 32gb storage.. records in 720p and takes 8mp camera shots…. The only digital game i would buy from the PSN is dust 514 when it comes out and i will still have room for save games… themes are the only thing that i would have to worry about lol.

  • anguskahn22

    Holy shit they already broke the $4000 goal! That was fucking fast!

  • Cusack187


  • Cowboy77

    Cut your hair!

  • LuffyDshanks

    I will get the Vita when Monster Hunter Portable 3rd gets a EU, AUS, and NA release date… no sooner.

  • farhanmahim

    This adds are Mother Fucking annoying

  • buzzmaster3D

    am i the only one that this guy tries to hard

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