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How can an MMO Kickstarter - Markee Dragon Show

And if we make our own game and kick with finances? Gregory and demand that I. An honest answer that he is not to love This website pays for these videos. EVE Online Support ETC Link Realms and World of Tanks! As on Facebook Follow me on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Original Message ======= Hello, my name is Gregory, aka Wowaddict, Slyswine alias, and I have a question. How would I go about creating a Kickstarter campaign for an MMO? I know there are a ton of people out there who want to do the same thing and probably the ability to plan, I can not. But I came up with an MMO for years, and refine ideas before I played MMO. I know that “Allods” We spent $ 12 million to their free to play the game So, how would I go about creating a kick without programming experience the ability to highlight ideas. I can show you some pictures and such, but I’m not sure if this desired effect. Basically, the idea of ​​a sandbox MMO, the aspects of minecraft, rift, wow, and Guild Wars is connected, but in the end it has a completely different approach to class, race, craft, game, weapons and combat. The problem is that I’m not sure how to illustrate this, how could I do it, and how much money do I need to increase? Your Subscriber Gregory
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  • Jon Norton

    The worst primarily due to the cost of producing a successful MMO, in my opinion.

  • nikals

    “It would be even better if in the picture stayed here huh? DDMais I remain ಠ _ ​​ಠ” And I love all the beautiful scenery Markee your videos!

  • Thordenos

    Do not use Kickfire …. Use Desura .. They help designers programmers .. Beta testers … and sell u too much on their website … It’s a bit of steam …. not, as we know …. BUT is pretty big … they helped .. the start of a game called Project Zomboid the fire at the moment … and they only had the green light steam thier … makeing a game is not so serious matter … more, it is to be creative and it’s fun. . plz markeedragon my head WORDS .. Desura and watch …

  • DBSpy1

    I was thinking more in the lines of Florida, Texas, California, people are in the Gulf region do not have the money to play games like this. I think if you look, you will see the insurance money, the tax-subsidized apartments range cover in most beach houses, if not everything. I’m sure, take care the people who live in Malibu, not to the payment of the tab to rebuild their homeland.

  • owken

    Create one MMO? Probably sounds “cool” for many people. But you need artists (writers, drawers, programmers, start number) first, or at least some of them. The site is great, kick start, before I would try to find people with the same ideas. Do not forget to shop. The Foundation and the creation of an MMO is that one side is still to be published, it takes at least as server and hold. Kickstater, despite its name, just a stop in the middle. Good luck.

  • Rejor111

    I miss the sunsets over the sea. Sunrise on the east coast of Florida are awesome

  • Rejor111

    yes, the only player with a particular story would be great. I miss good RPG story as a solo Baulders door

  • WarmSpringsWarriors

    This explains why relocate to most people in New Orleans, only instead of rebuilding?

  • Phantom3575

    People rebuild their homes on the basis of homeowners have insurance. It costs more to live on the beach if you are not in a flood zone majeure.Le world as corrupt as you live might think.

  • Todd Jumper

    Love the background on this video.

  • firesickle

    I heard this question 10,000 times dev on gaming forums …

  • TrueFurby

    They say the players do not go outside?

  • elffrog

    Glorious Lord Markeedragon question: Would you be willing to accept a role in a movie action adventure sword play as a warrior on a horse? You would draw a dot. Paid for. Cheers! They fit the role well, and we would be delighted if you could! Message on youtube, or email.

  • DBSpy1

    Stupid to build houses on the beach so as to be sure to pay the taxes rebuilt and I’ll bet someone is making big $ in this.

  • leaf16nut

    I think the biggest problem is that companies that are not well known game before you kick the … Many successes kick disciples, companies that write about them and a lot of hype médiatique.Theres countless games on Kickstarter that nobodies have heard thay can be very good, good to go, but not everywhere, without advertising. Based on fully fund passers your game is a death sentence, some do, but most I have seen fail.

  • mitchell megaw

    Markee eating cheese.

  • mitchell megaw

    Please stay within sir.

  • mitchell megaw

    Why did you go away I thought u were a gamer?

  • FoundationsofPause

    MMOs are honestly the worst kind of all indie developers to go. Why not try something original and fun?

  • Gregory Ruhle

    Thanks for the honest answer. And I have a card game, and will do with it. I like the video, and thank you again. Wowaddict-

  • MrDerpTurtle

    i kinda agree I like her videos, but there are so many times when the video was barely lasted 6 minutes instead of 24

  • Henry Worth

    Markee Hello, I’m new viewer of your videos, and I really enjoyed your videos and the amount of content you pumped. In fact, I came across your video to EVE Online “Is it worth it,” and I loved it. Just think, I should say 🙂 Good day and good match for you!

  • itspheno

    Best MMO would never trade like RuneScape, much like Moon agriculture, modernization of equipment similar to Guild Wars 2 and Combat, loot and dungeon design is similar to WoW harvest. Mix everything together with the formation of an in-game economy with high demand items and rugs and you have an epic game.

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