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Mike Gonzalez February 8, 2013 14

PRE-ORDERS now open! Kickstarter support is now complete. Thanks for your support! Check out our video THANK YOU! Follow us: Like Us: Subscribe: The Dead Linger is the first person in an open world game is based on freedom Zombie Survival Sandbox! Visit for more information!
Video Rating: 4/5

donation here: All my friends are raising funds on Kickstarter and I did not have enough money to support all of their awesome projects, so I started this campaign to raise money for support to raise their Kickstarter campaign! With an impressive, ambitious friends with super-sized projects is expensive! I do not know where all the money is on Kickstarter forever, but I hope to capture a portion of it, so I’m on artistic projects from my friends, indie rock can happen albums and products consumer niche so I ‘t look like a total cheapskate everyone. More promises funded projects more friends are happier and generally of good will! Join the campaign and help me to help others to do cool things happen!
Video Rating: 4/5

  • MrVenom462

    Door and take my money! : D

  • MortallicA91

    I love how people say that is high Comenter génial.Je’m not here to say bad things, but they just do not show gameplay commencé.Ils not even think.

  • MrOddusername

    Sun 60k 150k = 6 months = 15 months? : D

  • Prophetraz

    I know she saw me when I was that Permadeath optional saw, so that the game is aimed at the “hardcore” Dayz type of player and player MMORPG. Everything else I discovered the game after that made me more excited.

  • AIRaceMAT

    This game has been in production since before the festival dessin.État Z still on the board, death is never out of the net auparavant.Et Project Zomboid: This is a FPS survival against Project Zomboid is a tile based third person survival. You can not even compare. The only connection is zombies.

  • ShadowLegend300

    The Dead Linger, The State War Z Dayz, Of Decay, The Last of Us! So many zombie games!

  • Fringe IxD

    “This is a message to all players. ‘S still hope for the zombie genre. It can be found” Pretty clever, I must say. If Kickstarter is as advertised, you know that it is a true zombie game. 🙂

  • RedFiction12

    Zack! Her voice is simply amazing. Somehow, the video makes it better. Soundtrack is simply beautiful. Thanks Sandswept team! Thank you!

  • bmxchamp4

    Man .. lol Seen 20 times … I already pre-ordered … can not wait to play it! I’m so glad that I “sandbox game Zombie Survival” googled again in the last quarter of 2011 lol (can not remember exactly when)

  • snakob999

    Dayz is the best of its kind so far released

  • snakob999

    Dayz is the best of its kind so far released

  • snakob999

    Not a console is not able to run this …

  • JasonEppink

    Great idea! Let me know when you start. I would support your campaign.

  • insanity54

    I am broken, but I support your campaign kick so that your friends can finance Kickstarter campaign, so I think I’m going to start a Kickstarter campaign, so I can afford it, your campaign support Kickstarter so that you can finance your friends Kickstarter campaigns.

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