Galileo Kickstarter video for iPhone | iPod Touch

Mike Gonzalez March 14, 2013 39 The Galileo is a revolutionary iOS iPhone robot platform with a capacity of infinite spherical controlled rotation. Place your finger on the screen of your iPad or other iOS device and reacts Galileo, the orientation of your iPhone or iPod touch accordingly. For applications in the fields of photography, film, social networking and video conferencing, are Galileo iOS devices endless possibilities of remote control of movement. Capable of endless 360 ° and tilt speeds of up to 200 ° per second in each direction, Galileo is a valuable tool for anyone from an amateur photographer to professional photography and improve the experience of video chat for anyone looking to stay connected needs .
Video Rating: 4/5

Support Here KICK Get the song here: Photography by Canh Solo: illustrations by Nina Nguyen: Video by Harry Cleanliness: twitter. com Translated by Joanne Nguyen Austin: Written and directed Sabzi locations Khoa Pham & Phở Director & Yenvy to Pho Bac
Video Rating: 4/5

  • Ju-Seok Kim

    급 땡기는 아이템

  • RandomFilipe

    something like a SWIVL but controlled by the person on FaceTime, you should work with them, and merge the two products awesomeness!

  • PeriquinTV

    This just rocked my world! Lol. I want to ‘B

  • George McConnell

    Galileo is too cool …..

  • kreambo1235


  • duanduan4488

    wow. that’s really cool! I hope this is the market soon ~

  • 2sharpvideo

    Wow, I love it! Sharp Team Entertainment on this product! What you need to make this product a reality?

  • PhotoShopChannel

    MAKE A FITTING for SLR camera

  • PhotoShopChannel

    To view not only the video?

  • mabattube

    Should work with an iPod touch as well.

  • monkeytommo

    Well, there are those of us who can not afford to keep the costs to a good picture of the time! This is certainly a good way for people to get involved in this boat in such a fresh medium. For many people, the iPhone is “free”, but a good camera kit is not. I agree with some of your point though, but I can see that using enthusiasts.

  • jevus81

    I love that you can use as a basis for non-iPhone cameras. Can not wait to see how it develops.

  • Cocash1

    very useful invention!

  • HarryCaray3000

    Cool concept, the children play, which do not remain in one place for a long time, while you watch on a business trip or something. Besides that, it is pretty impractical, I do not want an iPhone photographer uses a timlapse and nobody in their right mind will just leave their iphone somewhere for any period. It is using a mobile phone to communicate with people, not in a case, leaving Tilt / Pan. I see none of this to see how it has no practical purpose. Sorry.

  • noegomezsr20det

    Now I want pho

  • HelloPandaBoii91

    I push in the car when I’m on my way to eat Pho

  • Amy QV

    I came here to say to this cam, is the Vietnamese translation.

  • Stayls

    lol Why do I have when I get back to Seattle. Lol right in the crib. This is whussup.

  • MajorBluntz

    ICE TEA WHAT 50 cents /???

  • Art F. Green

    Sabzi rocks yo mic! hes such a cool artist <3

  • kataboa

    This means that the vegetables to be exact. Herbs is giyahan

  • InfiniteChances74

    His real name is Saba Sabzi It’s just a nickname, I think,

  • 111tag111

    Sabzi is a name of boost, if you think about it …

  • UntoldK

    Sabzi in Farsi means herbs XDD

  • taintedXmemory

    Saw them live last night 🙂

  • KneightRiduh

    clownin lol

  • Alayna Brooks

    Over time you boo boo you need to success

  • Mikernb

    Sabzi! Please download Spotify! I love this song <3


    As you show the Fillmore in San Francisco and fucking Sabz to do, I was in the mood for HELLA after pho. I had to return to Sacramento after the show, and there are no good pho places open 2:00! But my friend, I feel it!

  • mumblezzz1the1ninja

    Rule # 1 Never cock sauce kicked it around, hats, jackets, or white, or shit in general. Worse than the mud of hard shit out of nothing

  • atowngreen

    I could definitely go for a line of this cock sauce right now.

  • 111tag111

    Shit, I wish I can speak Vietnamese sounds so damn cool: [

  • fitzhappens253

    This is the best pho I rap my head Jerome herd boy was in the south tacoma way PhoTai seconded about 3:30 clock in the morning. Ya’ll should be it, shit was tight as the buttocks.

  • SmartYouTubification

    HMMMMM I wonder why …… I sold PMaintenant’m here, I think I’m on some Pho Cyclo for today 🙂 NomNomNom: lol

  • lullmen


  • qhoa1385

    I’m Vietnamese and I support that! smooth

  • evidencephotog

    3 3 3

  • Nspire3


  • detoozfilms

    uh huh

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