Funklet – previous failed finances (Kick Update # 1)

Mike Gonzalez March 4, 2013 7

Funklet - previous failed finances (Kick Update # 1)

Funklet: Theo Katzman – Camera
Video Rating: 5/5

How Kickstarter Works - Q101 Jamboree 2012 Crowdfunding 101

Q101 has launched a fundraising campaign for the audience to life Jamboree 2012, the summer concert festival, which has been featured in the Huffington Post. The idea of ​​using sites like Kickstarter is still new to many. Here’s how it works and why it is so powerful. http
Video Rating: 5/5

  • James Cornelison

    Haha like a website

  • Robadubin

    01:04 ET super!

  • Danny K

    fucking love your facial hair. no homo.

  • Bert Stratton

    I was there in the 1970s. This video is 100% accurate.

  • iobylliW


  • elisei01

    “Fans on facebook” = 14 years old little brats.

  • C13INTZ

    I’m honestly surprised you struggle to finance this project, especially the number of fans you. On Facebook, which I am sure that not even close to how much you actually It’s like, less than $ 6 per person when donate all Facebook fans something and you need a little more than 7,500 people who buy the cheapest single transaction card to complete your daily goal (which, in fact, with its borders is not possible). It is simply not the case surprised

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