Four Star Denim – Factory Direct: Young Designer Presells Premium Jeans on Kickstarter

Mike Gonzalez August 24, 2015 Comments Off on Four Star Denim – Factory Direct: Young Designer Presells Premium Jeans on Kickstarter
Four Star Denim – Factory Direct: Young Designer Presells Premium Jeans on Kickstarter

UPDATED: 07/23/15

JUlY 16, 2015— Robert McMillan has a vision of making American-made denim mainstream. Today, (over)90% of jeans bought in the United States are below the $50 price point and less than 2% of these are made in the country.

McMillan has created Four Star Denim in order to create high-quality, American-made jeans at a competitive price. In order to bring these jeans to market, he has launched a Kickstarter campaign. He seeks crowdfunding of $40,000 to help start his company and bring his designs and denim to production. The funding will help build the production facility in his hometown in Chicago and pay his local denim craftsmen fair compensation and benefits.

“We want to provide a great product to customers, but we also want to do right by our community. Bringing good jobs to this city is something that goes a long way towards building for a better tomorrow,” he says. Four Star Denim will allow him to join the movement of many entrepreneurs who want to bring production back into American shores while ensuring that local communities are sustained.

“What others sell for over $100, we sell for under $50,” says the denim designer. He believes that quality shouldn’t be confused with price. He adds, “We combine direct sales with manufacturing to minimize or eliminate structural expenses that add no value to the actual product. These costs include: manufacturer markup, overseas shipping, import tariffs, inventory management, excess production, redistribution costs, and the retailer markup. Through traditional retail, often 80% of what you pay has nothing to do with the actual jeans. With Four Star you get more quality, you pay less.”

Each denim is made from premium stretch denim, all-metal hardware, genuine leather patch, and durable core spun thread.

The jeans come in skinny high rise and boyfriend for women. Both are offered in a dark wash and made up of 79% cotton, 20% polyester, and 2% spandex. For men, the cuts are slim straight, and standard, which is 98% cotton and 2% spandex. Once the goal is reached, they will be able to provide additional styles for both men and women. The jeans come in sizes 25 through 34 for women and 30 through 37 for men.

By supporting the campaign, backers will be able to be the first to get Four Star Denim jeans at Kickstarter-exclusive discount prices. The campaign aims to be the platform for McMillan to presell his jeans and establish a production run for his business. 

To find out more, visit the Four Star Denim site at

About Four Star Denim
Four Star combines manufacturing and direct sales to create saving for our customers.  Our business model allows us to minimize structural wastes like excess inventory, over production and extensive distribution networks. In addition, we don’t have to pay for international freight, tariffs or retailer markups. This allows us to focus on the physical product you’re buying, so we can bring you superior jeans for less. Check out what we have in store!

Four Star Denim
Email: info@fourstardenim

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