First-Ever Knee Pillow, SleepyKneez, Debuts on Kickstarter

Mike Gonzalez December 3, 2014 Comments Off on First-Ever Knee Pillow, SleepyKneez, Debuts on Kickstarter
First-Ever Knee Pillow, SleepyKneez, Debuts on Kickstarter

UPDATED: 11/14/14
October 27, 2014— People have different sleeping positions. Studies show these sleeping positions reflect different aspects of personality. Whatever position it is, there’s only one thing that they have in common—comfort. We all want to sleep soundly and comfortably.

However, for people who sleep on their sides, this may not be the case all the time. With over 80% of people sleeping on their sides, discomfort especially on the knee area is common. This is why Eileen Pelletier has invented SleepyKneez, a pillow specially designed for the knees of side sleepers. Pelletier has created a Kickstarter campaign for her invention and she hopes to raise $70,000 CAD from October 22 to December 6.

Pelletier explains that she is also a side sleeper, “[I] could never sleep on my back no matter how hard I tried. Sleeping on my side always made me wake up in the middle of the night, my bottom knee, either numb or in pain, and in the morning my back killed. I started putting a pillow between my knees, by the small ones flew out when I turned over, and large ones woke me when I tried to turn over, getting stuck against the bed covers.”

She tried to look for other pillows that offer comfort for side sleepers but there was nothing she can find. She then thus designed one that was comfortable, soft, and stayed between her knees through the night, which is now SleepyKneez. The uniquely designed pillow supports the knees and ensures that the spine remains in a neutral position allowing the back and hips to relax, maintaining their natural alignment.

On her Kickstarter campaign page, she provides a roadmap of her plans for SleepyKneez. She has currently finalized the design of her knee pillow, which includes a soft cushion, strap and pillow case that is perfect for travel. She has also finished her packaging and labelling designs, which also includes illustrations on how to put on the pillow and how to put it on the washable case. She is also preparing an animated video for her website and YouTube channel.

She states, “I have lined up a manufacturer willing to produce the pillow and cases, but I have to find ways to reduce the costs, and that generally means ordering in large quantities, which lowers the price per pillow substantially, but also significantly increases my outlay of funds.” Through the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, Pelletier hopes to cover her initial ordering quantities to start the first run for SleepyKneez, which is also on its patent pending stage.

“I am going to approach the Physiotherapeutic Association, the Osteopathic Association, and the Chiropractic Association to explain the benefits of my pillow, and hope they will recommend my pillows by putting their stamp on it on my websites ‘Recommended by…’,” says Pelletier.

Down the line, Pelletier will also make SleepyKneez available in memory foam, as well as incorporating copper to help those who are suffering arthritis.

About SleepyKneez
SleepyKneez is a unique pillow (patent pending) ensures the spine remains in a neutral position, soothing your backs and hips as you sleep, and stays in place while you sleep, even if you don’t.

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