First-Ever Electronic Drinking Game on Kickstarter!

Mike Gonzalez August 15, 2015 Comments Off on First-Ever Electronic Drinking Game on Kickstarter!
First-Ever Electronic Drinking Game on Kickstarter!

August 17, 2015— Alcohol, chips, music, and games. These are what makes a party. However, that scene can get old. Just ask Mike Jean.

Jean has created Drink Bitch, the first-of-its-kind electronic drinking party game that kicks up any drinking party many notches higher. Instead of people in different groups talking with a select few while some are engrossed with their gadgets, Drink Bitch gathers people together to truly interact and have fun with each other.

Drink Bitch debuts on Kickstarter to raise $75,985, which will go towards tooling, molding and manufacturing the device and bringing it to market. It is a raised square device with different buttons and a speaker that plays different voice commands to be followed by each designated player.

It takes 2 to 12 players to play Drink Bitch. It has three different modes that are meant to make players do different things. The Party Mode makes players do silly things that will have everyone have a laugh. The Drink Mode will insist people to drink until the game gives them the boot. The Tap-Out Mode will put the players’ fates in their own hands and it’s up to the players if they decide to quit. Ultimately, the winner is the last one standing.

To start the game, the player will have to select a player button from the 12 on the Drink Bitch console. The first player must press the Drink Bitch button, which is the red one in the middle. This will prompt different commands and directions that a specifically indicated player/players must follow, depending on which player button lights up. Players must do what the game tells them, or else they are kicked out of the game.

The game console comes in a compact package that players can put in the middle of the drinking table. Everything that needs to be used in the game is already in the console. Aside from the player buttons and the Drink Bitch play button, there is also the Power/Hi & Low button, speaker, and the three small mode buttons.

Jean hopes that Drink Bitch will encourage people to interact more with each other and have a great time. By launching a Kickstarter campaign, he hopes to raise enough funds to manufacture the game and market it through the crowdfunding platform.

Meanwhile, the campaign also aims to spread awareness for the new drinking game as well as presell it to backers. Aside from credits and t-shirts, backers can also get Kickstarter-exclusive discounts for Drink Bitch. Furthermore, people with higher pledge levels can get their own Drink Bitch games for free and even create an action that goes into the gameplay. The highest tier level for pledges will have backers record their voices, which will be used for the action commands in the game.

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About Drink Bitch
Drink Bitch is the first of its kind electronic drinking game for 2 to 12 people. It is created by 18th Floor Games, a startup composed of a group of individuals with over 30 years of combined experience in design and production.

Drink Bitch
18th Floor Games, LLC
123 Edwards Rd
Clifton, NJ 07013-4003

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